Updating BiglyBT

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Update Types

There are four types of BiglyBT update:

  • Full Releases
  • SWT Graphical Library Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Beta Program version updates

Update behaviour is controlled by the settings under Tools->Options->Interface->Start

Automatic Updates

By default BiglyBT will automatically check for updates for all update types and prompt you to update when required.

The update components are downloaded via a torrent.

Manual Updates

Components can be manually installed/updated via Help->Advanced->Install Update Manually...

The components updates are announced via BiglyBT chat channels:

  • Public


  • Anonymous (I2P required)


Anonymous Updates

When 'Update anonymously' is selected communication with the update server is done via Tor (Tor Helper plugin required) and the components are downloaded anonymously via I2P (I2P Helper plugin required)

If you encounter issues with this process completing then refer to the Anonymous update chat channels and download/install them manually.

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