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Within BiglyBT search templates are used to support the 'meta search' feature. Some templates are pre-installed for you (for example the Internet Archive) whereas others can be added manually. You may come across these when using Swarm Discoveries or you can define your own via the template editor (perform a search and in the results view you will see a link to add/edit a template). Defining your own is a non-trivial action so it is usually better to try and find an existing one first.

Generally site-specific templates are not in scope for discussion on this Wiki.


This is a tool that acts as a bridge between users/apps and various indexing sites, providing a uniform way to query the various formats of data that these sites generate.

It can provide a direct RSS source for a site or can search multiple sites at the same time.

BiglyBT directly supports the RSS feeds - simply copy the RSS link and paste it in when creating a new subscription.

To support search you need a search template - below is a JSON based search template:


To use this copy it into a text editor and replace the apikey entry with your Jackett API key - you can get this from the Jackett UI

?apikey=*****************************************&   - replace the *** section with the API key, leaving the surrounding text untouched.

Then copy this to your clipboard and add it to BiglyBT by right-clicking on the search icon to the left of the address bar to show the menu and selecting Templates->Import JSON from Clipboard


If you have problems with the search timing out then increase the setting under

Tools->Options->Search (available in the 1801 beta series, see the Help menu to join the beta program)

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