@adriweb adriweb released this Dec 10, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

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  • You can now toggle highlighting/wrapping/formatting in the variable previewer
  • Support for the "temporary equation" var format has been added to the var list/previewer (#287)
  • RAM can now be imported/exported as well
  • New button to directly take a screenshot into the clipboard (#291)
  • You can now drag'n'drop from the LCD to somewhere else to export a screenshot (#290)
  • Core: implemented SPI write memory.

GUI improvements

  • The variable list's previewer uses @jacobly0's TI-like font
  • The scroll position is kept as much as possible in the variable previewer
  • Much better handling of touch-enabled laptop displays (#282)
  • The keypad history window is now a dock, solving some minor issues (#301)
  • On macOS, if you build with Qt 5.12+, Xcode 10 and a 10.14 SDK, dark mode is supported (watch out)

Other improvements

  • Core: better random-read performance (unmapped areas...)
  • TI-Bundle support has been fully reworked to be much simpler
  • The autotester can now handle the new libs group format
  • The autotester, when in debug mode, dumps memory upon failure
  • Misc. GUI code cleanup

Bug fixes

  • Added some missing tokens to the TI-Basic syntax highlighter
  • Cleaned up threading code and fixed race condition causing random emulation perma-freezes
  • Fixed docks possibly growing/moving a bit after reopening CEmu (#288)

Build-related improvements

  • For Windows, the MSVC builds (AppVeyor) now use Qt 5.11, and MinGW builds (Jacobly) Qt 5.12
  • For macOS, builds now use Qt 5.12
  • Travis and AppVeyor CI build processes got simplified and are now faster
  • Linux builds on OBS now also have binaries for Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.10