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Open source server for archival of comics/manga, running on Mojolicious + Redis.

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  • Stores your comics in archive format. (zip/rar/targz/lzma/7z/xz/cbz/cbr/pdf supported, barebones support for epub)

  • Read archives directly from your web browser: the server reads from within compressed files using temporary folders.

  • Read your archives in dedicated reader software using the built-in OPDS Catalog

  • Use the Client API to interact with LANraragi from other programs

  • Two different user interfaces : compact archive list with thumbnails-on-hover, or thumbnail view.

  • Choose from 5 preinstalled responsive library styles, or add your own with CSS.

  • Full Tag support with Namespaces: Add your own or import them from other sources using Plugins.

  • Set Favorite Tags to be able to quickly find archives containing them in your collection

  • Auto-Tagging: Import metadata using Plugins automatically when archives are added to LANraragi.

  • Backup your database as JSON to carry your tags over to another LANraragi instance.

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