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Telegram Media Downloader

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Download all media files from a conversation or a channel that you are a part of from telegram. A meta of last read/downloaded message is stored in the config file so that in such a way it won't download the same media file again.


Category Support
Language Python 3.6 and above
Download media types audio, document, photo, video, video_note, voice


  • Add support for multiple channels/chats.


For *nix os distributions with make availability

$ git clone
$ cd telegram_media_downloader
$ make install

For Windows which doesn't have make inbuilt

$ git clone
$ cd telegram_media_downloader
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt


All the configurations are passed to the Telegram Media Downloader via config.yaml file.

Getting your API Keys: The very first step requires you to obtain a valid Telegram API key (API id/hash pair):

  1. Visit and log in with your Telegram Account.
  2. Fill out the form to register a new Telegram application.
  3. Done! The API key consists of two parts: api_id and api_hash.

Getting chat id:

1. Using web telegram:

  1. Open
  2. Now go to the chat/channel and you will see the URL as something like
    • here 853521067 is the chat id.
    • here somename is the chat id.
    • here take 1301254321 and add -100 to the start of the id => -1001301254321.
    • here take 1301254321 and add -100 to the start of the id => -1001301254321.

2. Using bot:

  1. Use @username_to_id_bot to get the chat_id of
    • almost any telegram user: send username to the bot or just forward their message to the bot
    • any chat: send chat username or copy and send its joinchat link to the bot
    • public or private channel: same as chats, just copy and send to the bot
    • id of any telegram bot


api_hash: your_api_hash
api_id: your_api_id
chat_id: telegram_chat_id
last_read_message_id: 0
ids_to_retry: []
- audio
- document
- photo
- video
- voice
  - all
  - pdf
  - epub
  - mp4
  • api_hash - The api_hash you got from telegram apps
  • api_id - The api_id you got from telegram apps
  • chat_id - The id of the chat/channel you want to download media. Which you get from the above-mentioned steps.
  • last_read_message_id - If it is the first time you are going to read the channel let it be 0 or if you have already used this script to download media it will have some numbers which are auto-updated after the scripts successful execution. Don't change it.
  • ids_to_retry - Leave it as it is. This is used by the downloader script to keep track of all skipped downloads so that it can be downloaded during the next execution of the script.
  • media_types - Type of media to download, you can update which type of media you want to download it can be one or any of the available types.
  • file_formats - File types to download for supported media types which are audio, document and video. Default format is all, downloads all files.


$ python3

All the downloaded media will be stored inside respective direcotry named in the same path as the python script.

Media type Download directory
audio path/to/project/audio
document path/to/project/document
photo path/to/project/photo
video path/to/project/video
voice path/to/project/voice
voice_note path/to/project/voice_note


Socks5 proxy is supported in this project currently. To use it, simply create a config.ini file in the path of this project, and edit it with your proxy server info as follow:

enabled = True
hostname =
port = 1080
username =
password =

Then the proxy will automatically be enabled.


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