@atomb atomb released this Apr 13, 2016

Assets 12
  • Released under the 3-clause BSD license
  • Major improvements to the Java and LLVM verification infrastructure,
    as described in more detail here:
    • Major refactoring and polish to java_verify and java_symexec
    • Major refactoring and polish to llvm_verify and llvm_symexec
    • Fixed soundness bug in llvm_verify treatment of heap
    • Fixed soundness bug related to java_assert and llvm_assert
    • Support for branch satisfiability checking to be configured
    • Support for some types of allocation in java_verify, enabled
      with java_allow_alloc
    • Improved support for LLVM structs (including the llvm_struct
      type for llvm_verify)
    • Support for non-scalar return values in java_verify and
    • Support for using java_ensure_eq on fields of return value
    • Access to safety conditions in java_symexec and llvm_symexec
    • New primitives llvm_assert_eq and java_assert_eq
  • Some changes to the SAWScript language:
    • Conditional expressions including the keywords if, then, and
      else, and the new constants true and false
    • New eval_int and eval_bool functions to expose Cryptol bit
      vectors and Bit values as Int and Bool values in SAWScript
    • Pattern matching for tuples
    • Improvements to pretty printing, including: set_base and
      set_ascii commands to control the formatting of values; a show
      function to convert a value to a string without printing it; and
      the ability to use print or show instead of
      llvm_browse_module and java_browse_class
    • New built-in functions for processing lists
  • New proof backends:
    • A new rme proof tactic, based on the
      Reed-Muller Expansion
      normal form for propositional formulas. This tactic is
      particularly efficient for dealing with polynomials over Galois
      fields, as used in AES, for instance.
  • Linked against the latest Cryptol code, which includes the following
    changes since release 2.3.0:
    • An extended prelude with more Haskell-like functions
    • Better, more portable seeding for random
    • Performance improvements for symbolically executing tables of
      constant values
    • Performance improvements for type checking large constants
  • Internal improvements:
    • Simplified Cryptol to SAWCore translation
    • Improved performance of Cryptol to SAWCore translation for
      recursive functions
    • Updated bitcode parser to support some of the changes in LLVM 3.7
    • Many bug fixes
    • Many code cleanups