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@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Feb 17, 2017 · 1614 commits to master since this release

Fixed issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Service Sets

  • Various little issues have been fixed. You can now remove Sets from hosts,
    even when being empty. Services from Sets assigned to parents or via apply
    rule are now shown for every single host, and their custom vars can be
    overridden at a single host level
  • Sets assigned to single hosts have been shown, variable overrides have been
    offered - but rendering did not include the Director-generated template
    necessary to really put them into place. This has been fixed


  • A nasty bug hindered fields inherited from Commands from being shown ad a
    Service level - works fine right now
  • There is now a pagination for Zones
  • Multiedit no longer showed custom fields, now it works again as it should


  • Disabling a host now also disables rendering of related objects (Endpoint,
    Zone) for hosts using the Icinga Agent


  • Ticket creation through the REST API has been broken, is now fixed

Performance, Internals

  • A data encoding inconsistency slowed down apply rule editing where a lot of
    host custom vars exists
  • Some internal changes have been made to make parts of the code easier to be
    used by other modules
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