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New requirements

  • Icinga Director now requires PHP 5.4, support for 5.3 has been dropped
  • For best performance we strongly suggest PHP 7
  • When using MySQL, please consider slowly moving to at least version 5.5. One
    of our next versions will introduce official Emoji support 😱😱😱! That's not
    possible with older MySQL versions. However, 1.4.x still supports 5.1.x

Fixed issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Dashboard and Dashlets

  • Multiple new Dashboards have been introduced, their layout has been optimized
  • Dashboards are made aware of newly introduced permissions and try to provide
    useful hints

GUI, UX and Responsiveness

  • Many little improvements related to mobile devices have been applied to
    Dashboards, Forms and Tables
  • Search has been both improved and simplified. On most tables search spawns
    multiple columns, visible and invisible ones. Multiple search terms are
    combined in an intuitive way.
  • Pagination (and search) has been added to those tables where it was still
  • Some form fields referencing related objects are no longer static drop-down
    selection elements but offer suggestions as you type. This makes forms faster,
    especially in larger environments
  • Navigation has been simplified, redirects after form submissions have been
    improved, more possibilities to jump to related objects have been added
  • Form field description has been moved to the bottom of the screen. Might be
    easier to overlook this way, but while the former implementation was great
    for people navigating forms with their Keyboard, it was annoying for Mouse
  • Double-Click a Tab to enlarge it to full width
  • Action Link bar has been unified, all links should now respect permissions
  • All tables showing historic data are now grouped by day
  • Property Modifiers, Sync Rules, Import Sources and more objects now offer
    description fields. This allows you to explain your colleagues all the magic
    going on behind the scenes

Object Types

  • Service Sets got quite some tweaking and bug fixing
  • Groups of all kinds are now able to list their members, even when being
    applied based on filters
  • Command Argument handling has been improved
  • It is now possible to configure Dependencies through the Icinga Director
  • Cloning Hosts now allows to also optionally clone their Services and Service


  • The template resolver has been rewritten, is now easier to test, strict and
  • Template Tree has been re-written and now also immediately shows whether a
    template is in use
  • When navigating to a Template you'll notice a new usage summary page showing
    you where and how that specific template is being used. Therefor, many tables
    are now internally able to filter by inheritance

Template Choices

  • While Host- and Service-Templates are powerful building blocks, having to choose
    from a single long list might become unintuitive as this list starts growing.
    That's where Template Choices jump in. They allow you to bundle related Templates
    together and offer your users to choose amongst them in a meaningful way.

Apply rules

  • Various related issues have been addressed
  • A new virtual "is true / is set" operator is now available

Permissions and Restrictions

  • It is now possible to limit access to Hosts belonging to a a list of Hostgroups.
    This works also for Hostgroups assigned through Apply Rules.
  • Data List entries can be made available based on Roles

Data Types

  • SQL Query and Data List based Data Fields can now both be offered as Array fields,
    so that you can choose among specific options when filling such
  • New overview tables give admins a deep look into used Custom Variables, their
    distinct values and usage
  • Various issues related to Boolean values have been fixed

Import and Synchronization

  • Many issues have been addressed. Merge behavior, handling of special fields and
    data types
  • Problems with Import Source deletion on PostgreSQL have been addressed
  • New Property Modifiers are available. When importing single Services you might
    love the "Combine" modifier
  • It is now possible to re-arrange execution order of Property Modifiers and
    Sync Properties
  • Preview rendering got some improvements
  • "Replace" policy on Custom Vars is now always respected
  • Using VMware/vSphere/ESX? There is now a new powerful module providing a
    dedicated Import Source


  • A new Self Service API now allows to completely automate your Icinga Agent
    roll-out, especially (but not only) for Microsoft Windows
  • List views are now officially available. They are very fast and stream the
    result in a memory-efficient way
  • Documentation better explains how to deal with various objects, especially
    with different types of Services (!!!!!)

Internal architecture

  • Many base components have been completely replaced and re-written, based on
    and early prototype of our upcoming Icinga PHP Library (ipl)