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  • We noticed that some distribution packages were not
    building OpenResty against a JITable PCRE library. This
    happened on Ubuntu and RHEL environments where OpenResty was
    built against the system's PCRE installation.
    We now compile OpenResty against a JITable PCRE source for
    those platforms, which should result in significant performance
    improvements in regex matching.
    Mashape/kong-distributions #9
  • TLS connections are now handled with a modern list of
    accepted ciphers, as per the Mozilla recommended TLS
    ciphers list.
    See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS.
    This behavior is configurable via the newly
    introduced configuration properties described in the
    below "Added" section.
  • Plugins:
    • rate-limiting: Performance improvements when using the
      cluster policy. The number of round trips to the
      database has been limited to the number of configured


  • New ssl_cipher_suite and ssl_ciphers configuration
    properties to configure the desired set of accepted ciphers,
    based on the Mozilla recommended TLS ciphers list.
  • New proxy_ssl_certificate and proxy_ssl_certificate_key
    configuration properties. These properties configure the
    Nginx directives bearing the same name, to set client
    certificates to Kong when connecting to your upstream services.
  • Proxy and Admin API access and error log paths are now
    configurable. Access logs can be entirely disabled if
  • Plugins:
    • Logging plugins: The produced logs include a new tries
      field which contains, which includes the upstream
      connection successes and failures of the load-balancer.
    • key-auth: Credentials can now be sent in the request body.
    • cors: Origins can now be defined as regular expressions.


  • APIs matching: prioritize APIs with longer uris when said
    APIs also define hosts and/or methods as well. Thanks
    @leonzz for the patch.
  • SSL connections to Cassandra can now properly verify the
    certificate in use (when cassandra_ssl_verify is enabled).
  • The DNS resolver no longer sends a A or AAAA DNS queries for SRV
    records. This should improve performance by avoiding unecessary
    #2563 &
    Mashape/lua-resty-dns-client #12
  • Plugins
    • All authentication plugins don't throw an error anymore when
      invalid credentials are given and the anonymous user isn't
    • rate-limiting: Effectively use the desired Redis database when
      the redis policy is in use and the config.redis_database
      property is set.
    • cors: The regression introduced in 0.10.1 regarding not
      sending the * wildcard when conf.origin was not specified
      has been fixed.
    • oauth2: properly check the client application ownership of a
      token before refreshing it.