Language Packs

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Language pack is installed on top of either stock or custom firmware. It will persist when you update firmware version and thus is preferred method of adding international support. Also language pack may include interface translation, not only new characters.

Langpacks are currently device-agnostic, so any langpack can be installed on any Pebble - be it Pebble Original, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or even Pebble Round.

Manuals: How to install language pack on Android, or How to install language pack on iOS.

If for some reason you cannot install language pack, you can try custom firmware build from Internationalization Manual page.

All-NEW: Language Pack Generator

This is an early alpha version, but it can already be used. It takes latest translations from POEditor and combines them with font sets. I tried to test these fonts and hope they are not broken anymore.

Later I plan to add translations history and other features.

Langpacks which only add certain alphabets

  • Latin-based + Cyrillic-based: MEGA, GH
  • Latin-based + Greek + Hebrew: MEGA, GH
  • Latin-based + Vietnamese + Thai: MEGA, GH
  • Latin-based + Russian + Hebrew: MEGA, GH
  • Special version of LaCyr with added Latin SCHWA letter for Azerbaijani language: GH
  • Georgian language pack by Giga Tsiklauri: GH

Langpacks with interface translation

Want to add or improve translation for your language?

You can participate Pebble Firmware Translation Project at POEditor. Whenever you think your language translation is done, you can contact me ( and I will build language pack and publish it here. I'll automate this process later. If your translation is 100% but after installing it you see some untranslated strings in interface, it is normal. Please write down these strings in Untranslated Strings page, and I will add them to POEditor project.

Limitation: for now I cannot add new characters to fonts, so list of supported languages is limited by characters available in existing PebbleBits fonts.

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