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TAB does not depend on any other plugins.
It is compiled with Java 8 and therefore supports any version of 8 and above.

Supported server software and versions

Software type Software name Supported versions
Vanilla Bukkit ✔ (1.5 - 1.20.4)
Sponge ✔ (1.9 - 1.20.2)*
Modded Fabric ✔ (1.14.4 - 1.20.4)
Hybrid Thermos & forks ✔ (1.7.10)
Magma (abandoned) ✔ (1.12.2 - 1.19.3)
Mohist ✔ (1.7.10 - 1.20.2)
CatServer ✔ (1.12.2 - 1.18.2)
Arclight ✔ (1.14.4 - 1.20.4)
Proxies BungeeCord
*Due to a bug in Sponge 7, it cannot coexist in the same jar with classes compiled with Java higher than 8, which is required by some other platforms. To get the plugin to run on Sponge 7, you will need to do one of the following:
  • Compile the plugin yourself and use the jar from sponge7/build/libs, which only contains sponge support instead of the universal jar from jar/build/libs.
  • Unzip the plugin jar, go to me/neznamy/tab/platforms/ and delete everything except sponge7.

Supported features per platform

Feature \ Platform Bukkit / Hybrid Sponge Fabric BungeeCord Velocity
Belowname ✔ (via Bridge)
BossBar ✔ (1.9+) ✔ (1.9+)
Global Playerlist
Nametags & Sorting  ❗ ✔ (via Bridge)
Per world playerlist
Playerlist objective ✔ (via Bridge)
Scoreboard ❗ (via Bridge)
Spectator fix
Tablist names
Unlimited Nametags ✔ (via Bridge) ✔ (via Bridge)

✔ = Fully functional
 ❗ = NameTags: Anti-override missing, Scoreboard: compatibility with other plugins missing.
❌ = Completely missing

Compatibility issues

  • Glow plugins will fail to apply glow color correctly. Check How to make the plugin compatible with glow plugins for more information.
  • Tablisknu (skript addon) prevents TAB from assigning teams (sorting & nametags).
  • SkBee (skript addon) sends empty scoreboard, causing TAB's to not show sometimes.
  • Waterfall's disable_tab_list_rewrite: true may cause tablist to use offline UUIDs while TAB expects online uuids, causing various problems (most notably tablist formatting not working). Checking for this option is not an option either, because tablist rewrite might still be enabled despite being disabled (don't ask how, I have no idea). Set the option to false if you are experiencing issues.
  • ViaVersion on BungeeCord acts like a client-sided protocol hack, making it impossible for TAB to know player's real version and causing issues related to it, see Per-version experience for more info. Install it on all backend servers instead for optimal experience.
  • Custom clients / resource packs - Unofficially modified minecraft clients often tend to break things. Just Lunar client has 3 bugs that can be reproduced with TAB. Resource packs may also contain modifications you are not aware of, making things not look the way you want them to. If you are experiencing any visual issue and are using a custom client or resource pack, try it with clean vanilla client. If it works there, it's an issue with the client / resource pack and TAB cannot do anything about it. Here are a few bugs in Lunar client that you may run into when using TAB:
    • It adds lunar icon to players in tablist, but doesn't widen the entries. This results in player names overlapping with latency bar. You can avoid this by configuring some spaces in tabsuffix.
    • It doesn't support color field in chat components, which means it doesn't support RGB codes and will display bossbar without colors as well.
    • Bossbar is not visible on 1.8.
    • Renders belowname 3 times.
    • It doesn't respect nametag visibility rule, showing own nametag using F5 even if set to invisible by the plugin.
    • When scoreboard is set to use all 0s, lines are rendered in opposite order on 1.20.3+.
  • Random Spigot/BungeeCord forks - All safe patches for improving security & performance are present in well-known public opensource projects, such as Paper, Purpur or Waterfall. Using a random overpriced closed-source (and probably obfuscated) fork from BuiltByBit may not be safe, since they likely include unsafe patches that may break compatibility with plugins in an attempt to fix things that are not broken. Before spending your entire budget on such fork, reconsider it first. Paper (and its forks) is a performance-oriented fork used by 2/3 of all MC servers worldwide, while the rest is still stuck on Spigot. It is highly unlikely your needs are so specific you need every single "improvement" anyone can come up with. If you need a feature, Purpur is a feature-oriented fork. Together with plugins you should achieve what you are looking for.
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