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Odoo Manufacturing Modules

Odoo modules related to Manufacturing

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_move_line_mrp_info Account Move Line Mrp Info
base_repair marcelsavegnago This module extends the functionality of Odoo Repair module to add some basic features.
mrp_account_analytic dreispt Consuming raw materials and operations generated Analytic Items
mrp_account_bom_attribute_match ivantodorovich Glue module between mrp_account and mrp_bom_attribute_match
mrp_analytic_cost Track manufacturing costs in real time, using Analytic Items
mrp_attachment_mgmt victoralmau Mrp Attachment Mgmt
mrp_bom_attribute_match Dynamic BOM component based on product attribute
mrp_bom_component_menu MRP BOM Component Menu
mrp_bom_hierarchy Make it easy to navigate through BoM hierarchy.
mrp_bom_line_sequence Manages the order of BOM lines by displaying its sequence
mrp_bom_location Adds location field to Bill of Materials and its components.
mrp_bom_responsible Adds a responsible to the Bill of Materials which then will be forwarded to the Manufacturing Order
mrp_bom_tracking Logs any change to a BoM in the chatter
mrp_component_operation Allows to operate the components from a MO
mrp_component_operation_scrap_reason Allows to pass a reason to scrap with MRP component operation
mrp_lot_on_hand_first grindtildeath Allows to display lots on hand first in M2o fields
mrp_multi_level JordiBForgeFlow LoisRForgeFlow Adds an MRP Scheduler
mrp_multi_level_estimate LoisRForgeFlow Allows to consider demand estimates using MRP multi level.
mrp_planned_order_matrix Allows to create fixed planned orders on a grid view.
mrp_production_grouped_by_product Production Grouped By Product
mrp_production_picking_type_from_route Updates the operation type creating MO based on the product
mrp_production_putaway_strategy Applies putaway strategies to manufacturing orders for finished products.
mrp_production_quant_manual_assign Production - Manual Quant Assignment
mrp_production_serial_matrix MRP Production Serial Matrix
mrp_progress_button Add a button on MO to make the MO state 'In Progress'
mrp_restrict_lot florian-dacosta MRP Restrict Lot
mrp_routing ChrisOForgeFlow MRP Routing
mrp_sale_info Adds sale information to Manufacturing models
mrp_subcontracting_bom_dual_use victoralmau Mrp subcontracting bom dual use
mrp_subcontracting_inhibit victoralmau Inhibit subcontracting flow on demand
mrp_subcontracting_partner_management Subcontracting Partner Management
mrp_subcontracting_purchase_link Link Purchase Order Line to Subcontract Productions
mrp_subcontracting_resupply_link victoralmau Links between subcontracting PO and resupply picking
mrp_tag Allows to add multiple tags to Manufacturing Orders
mrp_unbuild_move_link Link the stock moves of manufacturing orders to the respective unbuild orders
mrp_unbuild_subcontracting Unbuild orders are created automatically when is returned a product subcontracted
mrp_unbuild_valuation_layer_link Unbuild orders display the connected valuation layers
mrp_warehouse_calendar JordiBForgeFlow Considers the warehouse calendars in manufacturing
mrp_workcenter_hierarchical Organise Workcenters by section
mrp_workorder_sequence LoisRForgeFlow adds sequence to production work orders.
product_mrp_info LoisRForgeFlow Adds smart button in product form view linking to manufacturing order list.
quality_control_mrp_oca MRP extension for quality control (OCA)
quality_control_oca Generic infrastructure for quality tests.
quality_control_stock_oca Quality control - Stock (OCA)
repair_discount Repair Discount
repair_picking_after_done Transfer repaired move to another location directly from repaire order
repair_refurbish Create refurbished products during repair
repair_stock_move Ongoing Repair Stock Moves Definition in odoo
repair_type Repair type
stock_picking_product_kit_helper kittiu Set quanity in picking line based on product kit quantity
stock_whole_kit_constraint Avoid to deliver a kit partially


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.