Help, I lost my Wallet ID!

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Your Wallet ID and Password are the two keys needed to access your Omniwallet. Generally if you loose these you'll loose access to your Omniwallet and any funds secured within it (unless you have the private keys backed up elsewhere).

Fortunately there is still some magic we can do behind the scenes to help you recover a lost Wallet ID. Results vary but are generally successful.

First, when you signed up you would have received a welcome email (which contains your wallet id) to the email address you registered/used during signup. Make sure to check any 'Spam'/'Bulk' folders as the welcome email might have been miscatagorized.

Can't find the Email? Ok there is still a chance we can help but it gets a little harder now. Answer the following questions as best you can and reach out to us with the contact info below and we'll do our best to try and assist you:

  1. When was the last time you logged in successfully to your wallet
  2. What was your ip address at the time you last logged into your wallet successfully (or when you created the wallet). You can visit from the machine you logged in/setup your wallet to find out your current ip address.
  3. If you suspect your ip address has changed or you have moved since then you can try contacting your internet provider at the time and asking if they can provide this information.

Once you have all this information reach out to us from the email address that should be on file for your wallet and we can try to lookup and identify your walletid.

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