How to buy on the Distributed Exchange

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Any transaction on the distributed exchange requires bitcoins in a trade address which your wallet controls (trade addresses have a known private key represented by a lock icon next to that address on the my address page). If none of your addresses with the lock icon have any BTC you'll first need to send some BTC to one of those addresses.

Once you have BTC in your wallet you can 'Accept' one of the sales on the 'Trade' page. The accept page will present a form showing how many blocks the trade allows for payment and will ask how many MSC you wish to accept and which address to accept it from (Only addresses with BTC will displayed). Once you send your accept reservation you will have to wait for it to confirm on the blockchain.

Once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain and is recognized as valid by the seller it will show up in your Omniwallet under the 'My Offers' page where you can complete your purchase by paying for the number of coins you accepted.

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