Recovering Funds from imToken wallets

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Getting your Wallet Mnemonic

Note: If you already have your Wallet Mnemonic you can skip to the next section

imToken utilizes Hierarchical Deterministic wallets (HD Wallets). This means that the private key for every address used by their wallet can be generated from the Mnemonic. To get started you will need your account Mnemonic. If you do not have this take a look at the follow article from imToken on how to access your Mnemonic

One you have the Mnemonic you can proceed with the following steps.

Use the Mnemonic to extract the address private key you wish to recover funds from.

Now you need to find the specific private key for the address that has the funds you wish to recover. Once we have that we can proceed with recovering the funds.

Notes for the next article:

  • In step 3: Choose the BIP49 option. This is the standard Derivation Path for BTC addresses in the imToken Wallet.
  • In step 6: Scroll through the list and find the address/private key entry for the address your funds are stuck on
  • After step 6: Skip step 7 and follow the link in step 8 to the article on Recovering funds from a Segwit Address

Please continue to our next support article on using the mnemonic to find your address private key.

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