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C1 CMS 6.6 (6.6.6912.30810)


Download C1 CMS 6.6

What’s new in C1 CMS 6.6?

Search/replace support added to visual and code editors. Thanks to @peterpde for contributing!

C1 Log now write to System.Diagnostics.Trace. This enabling log reading from trace listeners, like “Application Log” on Azure Web Apps or Visual Studio's Output window.

Tree Definitions <Element /> and <DataElements /> support new attributes BrowserImage and BrowserUrl. Taking a tilde (~) based URL they control what is shown in the C1 Console browser when an element is selected (instead of a the element icon).

Sitemap Provider now pluggable. Thanks to @BurningIce for contributing!

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • System Initialization skips some steps solely used by the C1 Console (faster startup).
  • File Data Provider will no longer create directories read from config up front.
  • Multiple processes (like web servers running of the same disk) that update StartupHandlersCache.xml no longer break website startup.
  • Optimized code for upgrading entity tokens.
  • C1 Console will load fine, even if one or more element providers fail.
  • Page Menu Titles can exceed 64 characters (languages like Greenlandic may use quite long words)
  • Making DataEventSystemFacade.FireExternalStoreChangeEvent( ... ) public (#623).
  • <meta /> elements are now filtered by id (deepest instance used, i.e. a function will override template)
  • Fixing issue where data item URLs were not correctly converted to public URLs (#621 #339)
  • Fixing issue where Global DataType scheduled publishing does not work with "Has caching" enabled (#618)
  • Fixing various browser issues (#318, #620, #370)

Thanks to @ai-fwd for contributing fixes.

For a list of all issues fixed in this release, see issues closed in C1 CMS 6.6