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A tilemap editor for Game Boy, Color, Advance, DS, and SNES projects. Written in C++ with FLTK.


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Tilemap Studio Build Status

A tilemap editor for Game Boy, GBC, GBA, NDS, SNES, Genesis, or TG16 projects. Specifically meant to support the pret disassemblies like pokered, pokecrystal, and pokeemerald; as well as hacks including Polished Crystal, Red++, Orange, Prism, and many more.

Inspired by tools like Tilemap Creator, NTME, GSC Town Map Editor and Karteneditor, but implemented with C++ and FLTK, and with support for multi-platform tilemaps as well as Pokémon-specific formats.

Latest release: 4.0.1

Follow the steps in to install the release copy of Tilemap Studio, or the longer instructions to build it yourself from source.

The example/ directory contains different formats of tilemaps and tileset graphics. In particular, pokecrystal/town_map_pokegear.png is a colored-in combination of tileset graphics from pokecrystal, useful for viewing any Town Map in a project based on it.

Browse the menu items, toolbar buttons, and Help dialog to learn how to use Tilemap Studio. And don't miss the mouse controls:

Tileset Tilemap
Click/drag Select tile(s) Place tiles
Middle drag Scroll Scroll
Right-click Highlight tile Select tile
Right drag Select tiles
Ctrl+click Replace tile
Shift+click Flood fill
Alt+click Swap tiles

More information is at the Gameboy Development Forum, Skeetendo Forums or PokéCommunity. If you have questions or comments, please go there.


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