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VST 2.4 API implementation in rust. Create plugins or hosts. Previously rust-vst on the RustDSP group.
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vst-rs is a library for creating VST2 plugins in the Rust programming language.

This library is a work in progress, and as such it does not yet implement all functionality. It can create basic VST plugins without an editor interface.

Library Documentation


This crate is available on If you prefer the bleeding-edge, you can also include the crate directly from the official Github repository.

# get from
vst = "0.1.0"
# get directly from Github.  This might be unstable!
vst = { git = "" }


To create a plugin, simply create a type which implements plugin::Plugin and std::default::Default. Then call the macro plugin_main!, which will export the necessary functions and handle dealing with the rest of the API.

Example Plugin

A simple plugin that bears no functionality. The provided Cargo.toml has a crate-type directive which builds a dynamic library, usable by any VST host.


extern crate vst;

use vst::plugin::{Info, Plugin};

struct BasicPlugin;

impl Plugin for BasicPlugin {
    fn get_info(&self) -> Info {
        Info {
            name: "Basic Plugin".to_string(),
            unique_id: 1357, // Used by hosts to differentiate between plugins.


plugin_main!(BasicPlugin); // Important!


name = "basic_vst"
version = "0.0.1"
authors = ["Author <>"]

vst = { git = "" }

name = "basicvst"
crate-type = ["cdylib"]

Packaging on OS X

On OS X VST plugins are packaged inside of loadable bundles. To package your VST as a loadable bundle you may use the script this library provides. 


./ Plugin target/release/plugin.dylib
Creates a Plugin.vst bundle

Special Thanks

Marko Mijalkovic for initiating this project

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