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This repository helps you understand python from the scratch.
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This Repository Helps You Understand Python Programming Language From Beginner To Advance Level.

Also this repository gives to enough knowledge about python programming and also helps you to survive in this programming world !!!

Installation tools

Below are some tools that you can download before getting started with Python, now it’s a preference, so download whichever that fits the best for you.

Name of the tools
Python download
Pycharm download
Jupyter Notebook
Google Colab

For those of you who aren't aware of Pycharm: PyCharm is an integrated development environment used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains (Psss, copied from Wikipedia).

I personally use Google Colab for python programming. It's one of the best interactive tool in the world. I like it because I can provide more documentation to the code and write some quality tutorials.

Repository Contents

This repository is divided into two parts such as Python Coding for Beginners and Data Science.

Python Coding

Follow the steps down below to get started coding in python!!!

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

1.1 Python Input, Output and Import functions

1.2 Python Strings

1.3 Python Lists

1.4 Python Tuples

1.5 Python Dictionary.

Chapter 2: Python Built-in Functions

2.1 Python Input, Output and Import built-in-functions

2.2 Eval built-in-function

2.3 Range built-in-function

2.4 Python Lambda Function

2.5 Python Enumerate Function

2.6 Python len function

Chapter 3: Python Libraries

3.1 Numpy library

3.2 Pandas library

3.3 Math Module

Chapter 4: Python API's

4.1 Google Translate API for Python

4.2 Google Trends API for Python

4.3 Wikipedia API for Python

Chapter 5: Additional Python Materials

5.1 How to get started coding in Python?

5.2 Is Python Object Oriented?

5.3 Speech Recognition using Python

Data Science

Follow the steps down below to get started learning Data Science!!!

The contents for Data Science can be found below:

  1. Data Scraping from the Web
  2. Data Cleaning and Scrubbing
  3. Exploring the data from the Web
  4. Predicting the data


If the jupyter notebook doesn't load. Don't worry just copy and paste the link to nbviewer. Because most of my jupyter notebooks are not loading.


Tanu Nanda Prabhu : This is me, I'm doing my Master's in Computer Science, at University of Regina, Canada. Although I'm good at programming, definitely not a code monkey. I like to document each and every line of code and help others understand it. It is very important to document the code. I believe that I learn simultaneously while I teach you guys in this repository. Special thanks to Udemy, it is with the help of their guidance, I could learn Python at a high level.

I am an Author @

  1. Towards Data Science

  2. Analytics-Vidhya

  3. Kotlin Academy

  4. The Start up


  1. My Kaggle Data Sets

HackerRank Exercise

  1. HackerRank Exercise Solved

Submit you articles here

  1. Data Science from Scratch

Contact for help

Contact Info
Mail id
Phone number +1 306-737-9073
Facebook Tanu N Prabhu
Instagram tanunprabhu


Any Feedbacks or Suggestions- Please Click Here


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