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Razer Hydra Driver for SteamVR


Install Dependencies

  1. Install SteamVR. It is under "Tools" in everyone's Steam Library. steam://install/250820
  2. Install "Sixense SDK for the Razer Hydra". It is also under "Tools". steam://install/42300
  3. Fetch the OpenVR SDK 0.9.19 from . That version SHA is f1ffbf4e92f383bdb453d58f9583c51a5ec350d9. Newer version should also work with minor changes.

The solution and project files are for Visual Studio 2015.

Configure Paths

Under "Property Manager" in Visual Studio, expand any of the configurations and find "Paths". Right click and select "Properties" and then "User Macros". Modify the paths to match your setup. InstallDir will be created, and will be configured as an external driver path for SteamVR.


You will probably want to build Release x86. You can also build x64. The post-build step will install the binaries and copy the resources to the configured InstallDir and register that path with SteamVR.

Using The Hydra Driver

After building, the InstallDir should be a complete binary distribution. To use it:

  1. Register it with the SteamVR runtime via "vrpathreg adddriver $(InstallDir)". This is done automatically by a Post-Build step, but if you copy the files elsewhere you will have to do it by hand.
  2. Edit your config/steamvr.vrsettings to enable "activateMultipleDrivers". This is what allows the hydra driver to co-exist with any HMD. Be sure to mind your commas. Check vrserver.txt log to see if there were parse errors. Many of the settings are described at .
	"steamvr" : {
        "activateMultipleDrivers" : true
3. If you are trying to use the Hydra driver without an HMD, you might want to enable driver_null (no HMD) or set "requireHmd": false.

After starting SteamVR, you should see controllers blinking in the status window.  Inside the HMD you will see instructions to get the Hydra coordinates aligned with your HMD.  Once you do, the controllers will turn solid green.

You can use "vrcmd" (with no arguments) to see a list of devices to verify things are working.
use "vrcmd" to verify things are loading:

Driver hydra : 2 displays
        Hydra (Serial number hydra0_controller0)
        Hydra (Serial number hydra0_controller1)

You can also use "vrcmd --pollposes" (followed by an index number to limit the output) to see things are working.


The code in this distribution is distributed under the terms of the LICENSE file in the root directory.

The render models are based on work by Zoltan Erdokovy with permission.

The compiled driver and the install directory use the Sixense SDK. That development kit has a license which requires copyright acknowledgement for distribution. See the EULA that is displayed when installing the Sixense SDK.


OpenVR Driver for Razer Hydra using Sixense SDK




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