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Fast and embedded solvers for nonlinear optimal control
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Fast and embedded solvers for nonlinear optimal control.

Optional requirements

Some functionalities in acados require CasADi (version 3.4.0) to be installed on your system. To install CasADi, you can follow the installation instructions here


Both a CMake and a Makefile based build system are supported at the moment.

  1. Initialize all submodules

    git submodule update --recursive --init
  2. Download CasADi into the <acados_root_folder>/external folder:

    cd external

    and, depending on your preferred CasADi interface (Python, MATLAB, Octave):

    wget -q -nc --show-progress
    mkdir -p casadi-py35-v3.4.0-64bit
    tar -xf casadi-linux-py35-v3.4.0-64bit.tar.gz -C casadi-py35-v3.4.0-64bit
    cd ..
    wget -q -nc --show-progress
    mkdir -p casadi-matlabR2014b-v3.4.0
    tar -xf casadi-linux-matlabR2014b-v3.4.0.tar.gz -C casadi-matlabR2014b-v3.4.0
    cd ..
    wget -q -nc --show-progress
    mkdir -p casadi-octave-v3.4.0
    tar -xf casadi-linux-octave-v3.4.0.tar.gz -C casadi-octave-v3.4.0
    cd ..
  3. Build and install acados. When using the CMake-based build sytem:

    mkdir -p build
    cd build
    cmake .. (with optional arguments e.g. -DACADOS_WITH_OSQP=OFF/ON -DACADOS_INSTALL_DIR=<path_to_acados_installation_folder>)
    make install

    When using the Makefile-based build sytem:

    make acados_shared
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<path_to_acados_folder>/lib
    make examples_c
    make run_examples_c

If the compilation/linking fails because -lblas or -llapack can not be found, you might want to do:

sudo apt-get install libblas-dev liblapack-dev
  • soon: binaries for all operating systems available for download (see Releases)
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