Assets 9


  • Toggle zoom/iron sights/ADS, crouch, and sprint/walk (instead of holding) (#196)
  • Classic mutator enhancements
    • Perks preselected (light/streak)
    • Long flag indicator interval (10 s)
    • Shorter spawn protection time (1000 ms)
    • Nerf RPG-7 range slightly
    • No throwing knife bleeding
    • Nerf killstreaks (less airstrike damage, radar is shorter, nuke takes 60 seconds to activate)
  • /crosshairmode to use or force AC-style crosshairs (default is both)
  • Informative loading screen text (#149)
  • HUD speed meter
  • New collect and harvester gamemodes as 'confirm overload'
  • Teleport killers to victims in 'void' mutator (#203), also swap teams with 'convert-void' mutators


  • Fix server registration bug (#205) inherited from AC 1.0.4
  • Fix LAG bug (root cause is how clients handle falling damage)
  • Fix master-server update lockout bug (when resolving fails)
  • Fix vote evaluation on disconnect
  • Ignore map checks (fix old maps like acr_recreation)
  • Fix acr_recreation (pass more AC map checks), add ac_desert and ac_douze with flags
  • Prevent forcing AFK spectators to SPECT
  • Fix assisted suicide scoring
  • Disable bots when all humans are in SPECT
  • Show ping of old/new servers in the server list
  • Show colored server name on scoreboard

Windows binaries are compiled on Windows 10 with VC++ 2017 with Windows XP support (v141_xp).
Linux binaries are compiled on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. Linux users might have to compile their own binaries for other distros.

Target File SHA-256
Windows e7b8b5ecbe10a9ef46d06a16ea51f3f7752ac3a6799439d028b0907c37c45d3b
Linux 7ab7b18cbd6ab23144d70035ac32850fd3fd2a718151634ebda0d0581107cb84
Server Pack 4179c64c03ad01833847bb04d2a261e527575f156816d21c42aa6a16eb3d7228
Source Only (/src) 2133188453b29f3845cc4e7fe8ae57a03191c80badbb0bdc45526bf37adfbe8b
Windows (Binaries) 35315d2de4cd9dbcd1899b0e86c4c9fbe83108af622fecb4b5acbe5a347fe8e5
Linux (Binaries) 84a8b22be8d32763aae3ce0e7110d266ca94fbc389d48d287d1ec938c4772ddf