A curated list of software and resources to create music.
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Awesome Music Production

A curated list of software and resources to create music.

Audio Workstations



  • Organelle - Intuitive controls with a powerful and flexible sound engine.
  • OP-1 - A powerful portable music workstation, with sampler, multi-track support, and onboard synth generation
  • Pocket Operators - Tiny, low-cost digital instruments
  • LittleBits Synth Kit - Snap-together modular synthesizer built in partnership with KORG

MIDI Controllers

  • ROLI Blocks - Portable snap-together MIDI controller with both desktop and mobile interfaces
  • MPK Mini mkII - Cheap, functional, excellent starter controller

Software Libraries

  • Alda - A music programming language for musicians.
  • Aubio - Segmentation, pitch detection, tapping the beat & producing midi streams.
  • Band.js - Music composer interface for the Web Audio API.
  • Blip - Looping and sampling with the Web Audio API.
  • Klasma - Chiptune music composition kit.
  • LickCreator - Online web based music notation.
  • Leipzig - Composition library for Clojure and Clojurescript.
  • Magenta - Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence.
  • Magiclock - Feel MIDI clock beat via the magic trackpad.
  • Microm - Javascript library to convert browser microphone to mp3.
  • Music Suite - Haskell based language for describing music.
  • Node Speaker - Output PCM audio data to the speakers.
  • Overtone - Open Source toolkit for designing synthesizers and collaborating with music.
  • Sharp11 - Music theorization and improvisation engine.
  • Step Sequencer - Elm step sequencer for programming drum beats.
  • Teoria - JavaScript library for music theory.
  • Tonal - Functional music theory library.
  • Tone.js - A Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser.
  • Tuna - An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.
  • VCV Rack - Open source virtual modular synthesizer.
  • Vexwarp - JavaSCript library for audio time stretching and pitch shifting.



  • Auxy - Modern instruments for mobile creators.



  • Chordata - A dummy chordbook for mandolin, ukulele and guitar.
  • Fretboard
  • UkeGeeks - Creates fingering diagrams by reading plain text or ChordPro ukulele songs.
  • UkuleleSongbook
  • Ukutabs - source for ukulele tabs, chords, tips, tools, guides