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OpenCAMLib (ocl) is a c++ library with python bindings for creating 3D toolpaths for cnc-machines such as mills and lathes. From August 2018 OpenCAMLib is released under LGPL license.


to clone, build and install install the library and run the following:

$ git clone git://
$ cd opencamlib
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../src
$ make        (try make -j4 for a faster build if you have a multi-core machine)
$ sudo make install

if you also want to build the documentation, then run:

$ make doc
$ make doc-pdf

this should create the ocl manual named "ocl-manual.pdf" in the build/doc directory

using cmake and cpack it is possible to build a binary .deb package with:

$ make package

For uploading debian source-packages to the PPA there is also a custom target:

$ make spackage

The build directory opencamlib/build can be wiped clean ("rm -rf *") and cmake run again if/when you want a clean build.


(generate this with 'tree -dL 2'):

├── cpp_examples                c++ example use of opencamlib
│   ├── point                   minimal example of ocl::Point
├── debian                      files for building a debian package
├── doc                         documentation (not much here yet!)
├── lib                         useful python helper libraries
├── scripts                     python scripts that test or demonstrate use of ocl
│   ├── issues
│   ├── ocode                   old linear octree code
│   ├── offset-ellipse          relates to BullCutter drop- and push-cutter
│   ├── old
│   └── voronoi                 vd scripts/tests
├── src
│   ├── algo                    algorithms under development
│   ├── attic                   old deprecated code
│   ├── common                  common algorithms and data-structures
│   ├── cutters                 cutter-classes
│   ├── dropcutter              drop-cutter algorithms and operations
│   ├── geo                     primitive geometry classes (point,triangle,stlsurf, etc.)
│   └── voronoi
├── stl                         STL files for testing
└── Windows                     Visual-studio project for building on windows

Ubuntu 10.04LTS-> install and build

(these notes are about 8 years old now and should be updated for relevant OSs)

  • install 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04LTS
  • run update manager and install all suggested updates. reboot.
  • using synaptic or apt-get, install the following packages(and their dependencies)
  • build-essential
  • cmake
  • subversion
  • doxygen
  • texlive-latex-base
  • libboost-all-dev
  • checkout ocl from svn
  • in the /src directory, first run "cmake ." then "make" and then "sudo make install"
  • this should build and install ocl correctly.