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Akeneo PIM Community Standard Edition

Welcome to Akeneo PIM.

This repository is used to create a new PIM project based on Akeneo PIM.

If you want to contribute to the Akeneo PIM (and we will be pleased if you do!), you can fork the repository and submit a pull request.

Installation instructions

Development Installation with Docker


  • Docker 19+
  • docker-compose >= 1.24
  • make

Creating a project and starting the PIM

The following steps will install Akeneo PIM in the current directory (must be empty) and launch it from there:

$ docker run -u www-data -v $(pwd):/srv/pim -w /srv/pim --rm akeneo/pim-php-dev:master \
    php -d memory_limit=4G /usr/local/bin/composer create-project --prefer-dist \
    akeneo/pim-community-standard /srv/pim "dev-master@dev"
$ make

The PIM will be available on http://localhost:8080/, with admin/admin as default credentials.

To shutdown your PIM: make down

Installation without Docker

$ php -d memory_limit=4G /usr/local/bin/composer create-project --prefer-dist \
    akeneo/pim-community-standard /srv/pim "dev-master@dev"

You will need to change the .env file to configure the access to your MySQL and ES server.

Once done, you can run:

$ NO_DOCKER=true make

For more details, please follow

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade Akeneo PIM to a newer version, please follow:


You can check out the changelog files in