Migration from 0.11 to 0.12

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First, the loading of JavaScript files must be adapted. The custom loader has been replaced with requirejs for loading files in the browser. New loader code is thouroughly explained here.

After updating the loader part, .st files need to be recompiled into new AMD .js files. During loader changes, a namespace was choosen and will be needed for recompilation.

Go to your directory with .st files and issue this from the shell:

<path-to-amber>/bin/amberc -l SUnit,Canvas -n <chosen-namespace> -D <path-for-compiled-js-files> *.st

In windows, use \ as path separator, the rest is identical.

The -l SUnit,Canvas is just a general guess, if your code depends on more (or less) non-kernel packages from amber, list them here accordingly.

This migrate scenario only covers simple deployments with your project's code and amber. If your project is more complicated, using libraries and packages from multiple sources, it is hard to give general advices to migrate - you must do it library by library, giving each location its own namespace, and -L option of amberc comes handy when integrating; ask on the mailing list if problems arise.

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