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Oct 2, 2017

Photobooth by Andre Rinas

A Photobooth web interface for Raspberry Pi and Windows.

😍 Features

  • Works on Windows and Linux.
    • Under Windows digiCamControl by Duka Istvan can be used to control the camera and to take pictures.
    • Under Linux gPhoto2 is used to control the camera and to take pictures.
  • Images are processed with GD.
  • Photobooth caches all generated QR-Codes, Thumbnails and Prints.
  • Standalone Gallery (localhost/gallery.php).
  • Settings can be changed via Admin Panel (under localhost/admin):
    • Multi-language support:
      • German
      • English
      • Spanish
      • French
      • Greek
    • Gallery:
      • Order pictures in gallery ascending oder descending by picture age.
      • Hide the gallery.
    • Choose between md5- or date-formatted image names.
    • Choose an image filter after taking a picture.
    • QR-Code to allow downloading pictures from your Photobooth.
    • Pictures can be directly downloaded from the gallery.
    • Print feature.
      • Optional: Print a frame on your picture (replace resources/img/frames/frame.png with a frame of your choice).
      • Optional: Print text on your picture.
      • Optional: Print QR-Code on the right side of your picture.
    • Pictures can be sent via e-mail.
    • LivePreview (uses device cam).
    • Event specific (e.g. wedding, birthday) config to show a symbol (e.g. heart) between some text on the start page.
    • Green screen keying (chroma keying).
    • Photo collage function: take 4 pictures in a row with or without interruption and let it generate a collage out of it.
    • Save pictures with a Polaroid effect.
    • Adjust take picture and print commands.
    • And many more options to adjust and style Photobooth for your personal needs.

📷 Screenshots

⚙️ Prerequisites

  • gphoto2 installed, if used on a Raspberry for DSLR control
  • digiCamControl, if used unter Windows for DSLR control
  • NGINX, Lighttpd or Apache

🔧 Installation & Troubleshooting

Please follow the installation instructions in our Photobooth-Wiki to setup Photobooth.

If you're having trouble or questions please take a look at our FAQ before opening a new issue.

🔍 Changelog

Please take a look at the changelog in our Photobooth Wiki.

🎓 Tutorial

Raspberry Pi Weddingphotobooth (german)

👏 Contributors and thanks to