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Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS

The Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS (LZA) is architected to align with AWS best practices and in conformance with multiple, global compliance frameworks. We recommend customers deploy AWS Control Tower as the foundational landing zone and enhance their landing zone capabilities with Landing Zone Accelerator. These complementary capabilities provides a comprehensive low-code solution across 35+ AWS services to manage and govern a multi-account environment built to support customers with highly-regulated workloads and complex compliance requirements. AWS Control Tower and Landing Zone Accelerator help you establish platform readiness with security, compliance, and operational capabilities.

Landing Zone Accelerator is provided as an open-source project that is built using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). You install directly into your environment to get full access to the infrastructure as code (IaC) solution. Through a simplified set of configuration files, you are able to configure additional functionality, controls and security services (eg. AWS Managed Config Rules, and AWS Security Hub), manage your foundational networking topology (eg. VPCs, Transit Gateways, and Network Firewall), and generate additional workload accounts using the AWS Control Tower Account Factory.

There are no additional charges or upfront commitments required to use Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS. You pay only for AWS services enabled in order to set up your platform and operate your controls. This solution can also support non-standard AWS partitions, including AWS GovCloud (US), and the US Secret and Top Secret regions.

For an overview and solution deployment guide, please visit Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS

IMPORTANT: This solution will not, by itself, make you compliant. It provides the foundational infrastructure from which additional complementary solutions can be integrated. The information contained in this solution implementation guide is not exhaustive. You must be review, evaluate, assess, and approve the solution in compliance with your organization’s particular security features, tools, and configurations. It is the sole responsibility of you and your organization to determine which regulatory requirements are applicable and to ensure that you comply with all requirements. Although this solution discusses both the technical and administrative requirements, this solution does not help you comply with the non-technical administrative requirements.

This solution collects anonymized operational metrics to help AWS improve the quality of features of the solution. For more information, including how to disable this capability, please see the implementation guide.


Additional documentation for the solution is hosted on GitHub Pages. We strongly recommend reviewing this resource as well as the Implementation Guide for important details on deployment, customization, and maintenance of the solution and its included sample configuration files.

NOTE: The installation and configuration reference documentation that was previously hosted in this README has been migrated to the new GitHub Pages location.

Package Structure


A CDK Application. The core of the accelerator solution. Contains all the stack definitions and deployment pipeline for the accelerator. This also includes the CDK Toolkit orchestration.


A pure typescript library containing modules to manage the accelerator config files.


Contains L2/L3 constructs that have been built to support accelerator actions, such as creating an AWS Organizational Unit or VPC. These constructs are intended to be fully reusable, independent of the accelerator, and do not directly access the accelerator configuration files. Example: CentralLogsBucket, an S3 bucket that is configured with a CMK with the proper key and bucket policies to allow services and accounts in the organization to publish logs to the bucket.


Contains a CDK Application that defines the accelerator Installer stack.

@aws-accelerator/ui (future)

A web application that utilizes the aws-ui-components library to present a console to configure the accelerator


Contains common utilities and types that are needed by @aws-accelerator/* packages. For example, throttling and backoff for AWS SDK calls


Contains L2 constructs that extend the functionality of the CDK repo. The CDK repo is an actively developed project. As the accelerator team identifies missing features of the CDK, those features will be initially developed locally within this repo and submitted to the CDK project as a pull request.


Accelerator tester CDK app. This package creates AWS Config custom rules for every test cases defined in test case manifest file.

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