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@jajm jajm released this May 3, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release


  • Upgrade ejs to 2.6.1
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@jajm jajm released this May 3, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

These are the most notable changes made since the fork of Widestage.


  • New report type: pivot table
  • New chart type: stacking bars
  • New column aggregation: COUNT(DISTINCT)
  • Ability to import and export reports, dashboards and layers from/to different Urungi instances
  • Ability to duplicate reports and dashboards
  • Ability to import (clone) an existing report into a dashboard
  • Ability to set the number of results returned in report editor
  • Ability to edit SQL queries in layer
  • Ability to use aggregate functions in report filters
  • Ability to add all columns of a collection to a layer in one click
  • Ability to fold collections in layer editor
  • Ability to sort and filter lists of reports, dashboards and layers
  • Ability to choose chart legend position between top, right, bottom or hidden
  • Ability to remove the background image from a dashboard element
  • Ability to create custom elements in layer
  • Ability to preview only a subset of results
  • Ability to delete layers
  • Ability to configure report height
  • Sorting rule for C3.js tooltip labels
  • Display query execution time in report editor
  • Localization of all strings, french translation and language selector
  • New "About" page
  • New scripts for the first-time setup and changing a user's password
  • Enforce JS style with ESLint and EditorConfig
  • Enforce CSS style with stylelint
  • Enforce HTML style with htmlhint
  • Unit tests for server-side and client-side code
  • Automated tests with Travis CI
  • This changelog


  • BREAKING: MongoDB 3.4 or greater is required
  • BREAKING: Node.js 8.x or greater is required
  • Application name (Widestage -> Urungi)
  • New skin, new logo
  • Disable automatic refresh in report builder
  • Show the "View SQL" button on page load in report edition page
  • Move reports type selection buttons to the top of the page
  • Use knex to build SQL queries and query SQL databases
  • Repaint reports when a report is dropped on dashboard
  • Add package-lock.json to git
  • Use config package to manage configuration files
  • Use debug package for debug messages
  • Upgrade angular-sanitize and angular-route to match angular version
  • Upgrade angular-ui-tree
  • Replace angular-editable-text by angular-xeditable
  • Update FontAwesome to 4.7.0
  • Replace bower by npm + gulp to manage client dependencies
  • Update email-templates to latest version
  • Update jquery and jquery-validation to latest version
  • Update moment to latest version
  • Update async to latest version


  • BREAKING: Support for MongoDB data sources
  • A lot of dead code
  • A lot of unused dependencies
  • Client-side session storage
  • Encryption of AJAX requests


  • A lot of minor issues
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Jul 20, 2017
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