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Bytedance Inc.

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  1. IconPark Public

    🍎Transform an SVG icon into multiple themes, and generate React icons,Vue icons,svg icons

    TypeScript 4.9k 261

  2. xgplayer Public

    A HTML5 video player with a parser that saves traffic

    JavaScript 4.7k 547

  3. byteps Public

    A high performance and generic framework for distributed DNN training

    Python 3k 428

  4. ByteX Public

    ByteX is a bytecode plugin platform based on Android Gradle Transform API and ASM. 字节码插件开发平台

    Java 2.1k 277

  5. lightseq Public

    LightSeq: A High Performance Library for Sequence Processing and Generation

    Cuda 1.8k 188

  6. scene Public

    Android Single Activity Applications framework without Fragment.

    Java 1.8k 172