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This repository

A 2D game engine written in C++. It's a lone-wolf operation using OpenGL for drawing, SFML for windowing, input and audio, and as many design patterns as what make sense.

branch: master
I apologize in advance for anyone trying to use or contribute to this
project. At current, it's a single wolf (myself, Chris Frisz
( trying to design a 2D game engine without
reading about how other people design games in C++. I'm simply trying
to address each design problem as quickly as possible using OOP design
patterns. That said, the master branch should compile, even if the
resulting executable doesn't do much interesting. The included makefile
is fairly self-explanatory, but here's a list of the notable rules:

	Compiles all execuateable, evolver, along with the necessary

	Compiles the executeable and run it.

	Delete all ancilliary files (emacs backups, core dumps, etc.)
	and object files

	Delete all ancilliary files and compiled files (object files
	and executeable)
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