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Kotlin utilities and architecture components for Android + Server
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Kotlin Build macOS Apache 2 LGPL V3 Join the chat at Follow us on twitter



Slate Kit is a collection of architecture components and libraries for full-stack Kotlin development.

num about note
1 who For Kotlin Android, Server Side developers for building startups, mobile apps, personal projects.
2 what This is a modular set of utilities and architecture components.
3 where Reach us on Gitter, Twitter, and log issues on the issues board here.
4 when This has been around for 3 years as a internal library which we slowly open-sourced.
5 why Designed as reusable modules for any company / product. We use it internally for all projects.
6 how Check out our website at for more info, overview, details, usage, docs, etc.
7 compare Slate Kit is a modern, simple, 100% Kotlin alternative to Spring Framework.


You can set up gradle using the example below. You can use a little or as many slatekit-components as you need.

repositories {
    maven { url  "" }

dependencies {
	// other libraries
	// slatekit-results: Result<T,E> to model successes/failures with optional status codes
    	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-results:1.0.0'
	// slatekit-common: Utilities for Android or Server
    	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-common:1.0.0'
	// Misc architecture components ( all depend on results/common components above )
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-app:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-db:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-meta:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-cloud:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-query:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-entities:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-orm:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-core:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-apis:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-integration:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-server:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-providers:0.9.24'
	compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-workers:0.9.24'


Slate Kit is a Kotlin based open-source set of utilities, libraries and modular architecture components


Slate Kit is designed as a collection of modular components. In this way, it is more like a library than an framework.


Some important links / pages for more info.

type link note
home landing page
overview goals / uses / philosophy
setup setup kotlin / slatekit
starting key concepts / steps
releases relase history / notes
utilities utilities for client/server
modules architecture components
learn kotlin 101
standards coding standards


Slate Kit contains many useful architecture components, utilities and applications features. The slatekit-common has 0 dependencies adn contains most of the common utilities and components used throughout all the other projects.

docs source license desc download
slatekit-results src Apache2.0 model successes/failures with optional status codes Download
slatekit-common src Apache2.0 utilities for android + server Download
slatekit-db src Apache2.0 database utilities Download
slatekit-query src Apache2.0 query builder for SQL Download
slatekit-meta src Apache2.0 meta/reflection utils Download
slatekit-app src Apache2.0 application template Download
slatekit-cli src Apache2.0 command line interface template Download
slatekit-core src Apache2.0 architecture components Download
slatekit-entities src Apache2.0 standardized entity service/repository pattern Download
slatekit-orm src Apache2.0 database entities/orm Download
slatekit-apis src LGPLv3 api container Download
slatekit-workers src LGPLv3 background workers for persistant job queues Download
slatekit-integration src Apache2.0 integration components Download
slatekit-cloud src Apache2.0 clouder services ( AWS ) Download
slatekit-server src LGPLv3 http server to run slatekit APIs ( using ktor ) Download
slatekit-providers src Apache2.0 3rd party implementations for Logs/Metrics Download


You can use maven/gradle to reference Slate Kit libraries. Refer to Setup for more info. Make sure you add the maven url

buildscript {
    ext.kotlin_version = '1.3.21'

    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:$kotlin_version"

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'kotlin'

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""

dependencies {
    compile "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:$kotlin_version"
    compile "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jre8:$kotlin_version"
    // Reference the slate kit binaries here
    compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-results:0.9.24'
    compile 'com.slatekit:slatekit-common:0.9.24'


  1. Many of the modules above are Apache 2.0
  2. A few modules are LGPL v3 ( listed above )
  3. Down the line, a potential premium offering will be available for certain modules/upcoming functionality. These may be offered as both an on-premise solution and as a SaaS.


  1. A stable 1.0.0 release coming in April 2019
  2. A technical white-paper on the slatekit-results component
  3. A techincal white-paper on the slatekit-apis ( Universal APIs ) component


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