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Creative Commons Global Network Strategy

Key documentation

  1. Creative Commons has a Network Strategy
  2. The CC Network Platforms are the way you can join the CC volunteers around the world!
  3. Read our Charter, includes our Code of Conduct.
  4. Check our CC Network webpage

What you will find here

Information about the CC Global Network
Check our CC Network webpage
Apply for being a CC Network member
Do you want your organization to be an Institutional Member of the Network?
Join us at Slack!
Creating a CC Chapter
List of our CC Chapters around the world
How to create a new Chapter?
Chapter Standards
CC Global Network governance documentation
Who is a GNC Representative or a CC Chapter Lead?
Do you receive a vouching request and don't know what to do?
Are you a member of the Membership Council and need some guidance?
Global Network Council Charter
Global Network Council Executive Committee Charter
Global Network Council Membership Committee Charter
The Global Network Council
What is the Global Network Council and who is part of it?
GNC meetings public log
The Executive Committee of the Global Network Council
The Membership Committee
What else you will find here
The Plan. What do we mean by 'Transition'?
The Advisory Group for the Transition
The Interim Membership Committee
The Timeline
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question? Join us at Slack!

This is the repo for the public documentation regarding the Creative Commons Global Network Strategy. This repo it was created and is updated by @claudio.

Do you want to edit? Is there a typo around? No problem. You can also submit an issue here.


Action plan to design a model of collaboration for the future of the CC Network



Code of conduct