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OpenADMS Node 0.6 (Fukuyama)

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@interkosmos interkosmos released this 05 Oct 09:09

OpenADMS Node 0.6 is a smaller update which brings support for the document-oriented NoSQL database Apache CouchDB:

  • renamed OpenADMS to OpenADMS Node;
  • added make file for PyInstaller 3.3;
  • added new modules:
    • “ResponseInspector” for simple validation of observation results,
    • “GpioController” for changing GPIO pin states on the Raspberry Pi,
    • “MastodonAgent” for sending alert messages to the Mastodon social network,
    • “RssAgent” for creating RSS feeds,
    • “IrcAgent” for sending alert messages to the Internet Relay Chat network,
    • “CouchDriver” for storing observations in Apache CouchDB,
    • “ErrorGenerator” for generating warning, error, and critical log messages,
  • reworked passive mode of SerialPort module;
  • added rc.d script for NetBSD;
  • added sensor file for Leica Disto pro4a;
  • updated documentation.