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List of Automated Testing (TDD/BDD/ATDD/SBE) Tools and Frameworks for .NET

List of Automated Testing Frameworks for .NET related to methodologies and types of tests:

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Specification by Example (SBE)
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)
  • Property-Based Testing (PBT)
  • Unit / Integration / Acceptance / Specification / etc. Tests

Please feel free to suggest changes and/or new tools/frameworks.


  • Bold — Most Popular / Recommended

Table of Contents

Unit Testing Frameworks

What are unit test frameworks and how are they used? Simply stated, they are software tools to support writing and running unit tests, including a foundation on which to build tests and the functionality to execute the tests and report their results. They are not solely tools for testing; they can also be used as development tools on a par with preprocessors and debuggers. Unit test frameworks can contribute to almost every stage of software development, including software architecture and design, code implementation and debugging, performance optimization, and quality assurance. Paul Hamill, Unit Test Frameworks

Library Comment
csUnit Discontinued
EMTF - Discontinued
- Known as Embeddable Micro Test Framework
Expecto F#
FsUnit F#
Fuchu F# / C# / VB.NET
MbUnit Discontinued
MSTest Also known as Microsoft Test Framework
NUnitLite Discontinued
Roaster Discontinued
Unquote F#

Isolation Frameworks

An isolation framework is a set of programmable APIs that makes creating fake objects much simpler, faster, and shorter than hand-coding them. Automate Planet

Library Comment
Foq F#, Discontinued
JustMock Non-free
JustMock Lite
Microsoft Fakes Previously known as Microsoft Moles
Moq See also:
- AutoMoq (updated fork)
- Automoqer (updated fork)
NUnit.Mocks Discontinued
Rhino Mocks Discontinued
Typemock Isolator Non-free

Mock\replace anything (static, non-virtual, etc.)

Library Comment
Harmony 2.0 Runtime alter functionality by monkey patching methods
Pose Pose allows you to replace any .NET method (including static and non-virtual) with a delegate. It is similar to Microsoft Fakes but unlike it Pose is implemented entirely in managed code (Reflection Emit API). Everything occurs at runtime and in-memory, no unmanaged Profiling APIs and no file system pollution with re-written assemblies.
Smocks Smocks uses some magic under the hood to mock the normally unmockable.

Acceptance Testing / Behavior-Driven Development / Specification by Example

Library Comment
ApprovalTests.Net Discontinued
Avignon Discontinued
Cuke4Nuke Discontinued
HonestCode Discontinued
Machine.Specifications Also known as MSpec
NaturalSpec Discontinued
NBehave Discontinued
NDecision Discontinued
Robot Framework
Spec4Net Discontinued
Specter Discontinued
StoryQ Discontinued
SubSpec Discontinued
System.Spec Discontinued
Verify Discontinued

Web Application Testing

Testing web application UI e.g. via browser engine.

Library Comment
Canopy F#
FluentAutomation Discontinued
IeUnit Discontinued
Ivonna Discontinued
Netling Load tests for web
NUnitAsp Discontinued
Playwright for .NET - Port of Playwright
- Developed by Microsoft
Puppeteer Sharp - See also Puppeteer Sharp Contributions
Ranorex GUI testing for desktop, web and mobile applications
Squish GUI Tester
WatiN Discontinued

Web Testing

Testing ASP.NET, HTTP, HttpClient, REST, Web Sockets, AMQP, Blazor etc.

Library Comment
Alba Utilities for ASP.Net Core web services testing
bUnit Blazor components testing
DFrame This library allows you to write distributed load test scenarios in plain C#, no needs weird gui, dsl, xml, json, yaml. In addition to HTTP/1, you can test HTTP/2, gRPC, MagicOnion, Photon, or original network transport by writing in C#.
FakeHttpContext Fake context for HttpContext.Current
Flurl URL builder and HTTP client library.
HttpClient Interception Simple library to provide stub responses in tests using HttpClient.
Mock4Net A fluent API allows to specify the behavior of the server and hence easily stub and mock webservices and REST resources
MockHttp Replacement for HttpMessageHandler
MockNet Friendly mocking framework to unit test the System.Net.Http namespace
MockingBird Discontinued
My Tested ASP.NET A fluent unit testing library for ASP.NET Core MVC
NBomber Load testing
PactNet - Port of Pact
- Testing for integrating web apps, APIs and microservices
Stubbery API stubs
WireMock.Net HTTP response stubbing, matchable on URL/Path, headers, cookies and body content patterns

Cloud Testing

Library Comment
AWS .NET Mock Lambda Test Tool
Azure Functions Test Fixture

User Interface Testing

Testing system UI (Win32, WinForms, UWP, etc.), embedded, mobile apps

Library Comment
Appium Supports testing of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Classic Windows (Win32) applications
Coded UI Discontinued
FlaUI Automated UI testing of Windows applications (Win32, WinForms, WPF, Store Apps)
NUnitForms Discontinued
Ranorex GUI testing for desktop, web and mobile applications
Scrutiny F# and C# library for testing state machines by randomly choosing available states and valid transitions. Designed for usage with UI tests.
Squish GUI Tester All kinds of cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web applications
TestComplete "Ensure the quality of your application without sacrificing speed or agility with an easy-to-use, GUI test automation tool. Our AI-powered object recognition engine and script or scriptless flexibility is unmatched, letting you test every desktop, web, and mobile application with ease."
TestStack.White Discontinued
WinAppDriver - Windows Application Driver
- Service to support Selenium-like UI Test Automation on Windows Applications
- Supports testing Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32) apps on Windows 10 PCs

Database Testing

Library Comment
DbUnit.NET Discontinued
NDbUnit - Discontinued
- Managing database state during unit testing
Respawn A small utility to help in resetting test databases to a clean state

Video Game Testing

Library Comment

Concurrent Testing

Library Comment
Microsoft CHESS - Discontinued
- "CHESS is a tool for finding and reproducing Heisenbugs in concurrent programs. CHESS repeatedly runs a concurrent test ensuring that every run takes a different interleaving. If an interleaving results in an error, CHESS can reproduce the interleaving for improved debugging. CHESS is available for both managed and native programs."
Microsoft Coyote
Osherove.ThreadTester Discontinued
Typemock Racer Discontinued

Memory Testing

Library Comment
.NET Memory Profiler Also known as MemProfiler
dotMemory Unit

Mutation Testing

Mutation testing (or mutation analysis or program mutation) is used to design new software tests and evaluate the quality of existing software tests. Mutation testing involves modifying a program in small ways. Each mutated version is called a mutant and tests detect and reject mutants by causing the behavior of the original version to differ from the mutant. This is called killing the mutant. Test suites are measured by the percentage of mutants that they kill. New tests can be designed to kill additional mutants. Mutants are based on well-defined mutation operators that either mimic typical programming errors (such as using the wrong operator or variable name) or force the creation of valuable tests (such as dividing each expression by zero). The purpose is to help the tester develop effective tests or locate weaknesses in the test data used for the program or in sections of the code that are seldom or never accessed during execution. Mutation testing is a form of white-box testing. Wikipedia

Library Comment
CREAM Also known as CREAtor of Mutants
NinjaTurtles Discontinued
NinjaTurtlesMutation Fork of NinjaTurtles

Automated Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing that is often described as simultaneous learning, test design, and execution. It focuses on discovery and relies on the guidance of the individual tester to uncover defects that are not easily covered in the scope of other tests. Atlassian

Library Comment
Microsoft IntelliTest Part of Visual Studio
Previously known as:
- Microsoft Code Digger
- Microsoft Pex
- Microsoft Smart Unit Tests

Property-Based Testing

Property based testing relies on properties. It checks that a function, program or whatever system under test abides by a property. Most of the time, properties do not have to go into too much details about the output. They just have to check for useful characteristics that must be seen in the output. Nicolas Dubien, Introduction to Property Based Testing

Library Comment
FsCheck Port of QuickCheck
Hedgehog F# port of Hedgehog

Approval Testing

Library Comment
DiffEngine Manages launching and cleanup of diff tools. Used by ApprovalTests, Shouldly, Verify
Shouldly See ShouldMatchApproved

Code Coverage

Library Comment
AxoCover Based on OpenCover
Fine Code Coverage
PartCover Discontinued
Semantic Designs C# Test Coverage Tool
Software Verify .NET Coverage Validator
Squish Coco
Typemock Isolator Coverage
Visual Studio Code Coverage Part of Visual Studio

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. Wikipedia

Library Comment
Continuous Testing for Visual Studio 2010 Discontinued
ContinuousTests Formerly Mighty Moose
Live Unit Testing Part of Visual Studio
Parasoft dotTEST
Typemock Isolator Smart Runner

Fluent Assertion Frameworks

Library Comment
Fluent Assertions
NUnitEx Discontinued
SharpTestEx Discontinued
Should Assertion Library Discontinued

Test Data Builders and Dummy Data Generators

Library Comment
Any-.Net Discontinued
AutoPoco Discontinued
Fabricator Discontinued
Faker.Net Discontinued
Hydrator Discontinued
NTestDataBuilder - Now TestStack.Dossier
- Discontinued
TestDataFactory Discontinued
TestDataGenerator Discontinued
Tynamix ObjectFiller.NET

Quantum Programming

Library Comment
Q# Test Project

Helper Libraries

Library Comment
AutoMoq Auto mocking provider for Moq, Discontinued
Automoqer Auto mocking provider for Moq, Discontinued
ConventionTests Library that makes it easy to build validation rules for convention validation tests
FakeLocalTimeZone Fake of system TimeZone
Fixie Convention for tests
FluentMvcTesting Type-safe tests against ASP.NET MVC Controllers
MockQueryable Extensions for mocking EfCore
SparkyTestHelpers Unit test helpers for config files, ASP.NET MVC, and Moq among others
XMLUnit Unit testing XML

Miscellaneous Tools

Library Comment
.NET Testcontainers Library to support tests with throwaway instances of Docker containers
AccidentalFish.FSharp.Validation Simple validator DSL / library for F#
ArchUnitNET Library for checking the architecture of C# code
CheckTestOutput A library for semi-manual tests. Run a function, manually check the output. But only if it is different than last run
Compare-Net-Objects Deep compare of any two .NET objects using reflection
Gallio Automation Platform - Common object model, runtime services and tools (such as test runners) that may be leveraged by any number of test frameworks.
- Discontinued
ErrorUnit Debug C# application by automatically creating C# Unit Tests in Visual Studio that recreate the situation leading up to the error
ExpressionToCode Generates valid, readable C# from an Expression Tree
KREM Automation and test framework. Integration, regression, spec testing. Well suitable for embedded. Written in Python, but support external scripts, etc.
NBi Framework to test Business Intelligence
NScenario Library for annotating steps of test case scenarios
[Quality Gate One Studio]( Combinatorial and Model-Based Testing, Discontinued
Scientist.NET A library for carefully refactoring critical paths
Squish Test Center Aggregates test results in a central server and generates statistics
TestFlask Recording and mock replay framework with the ability to generate unit tests for recorded scenarios. It also provides some tools to ease scenario testing inside ASP.NET MVC apps
xRetry Retry flickering test cases for xUnit and SpecFlow

Visual Studio Add-Ins

Library Comment
GennyMcGenFace Unit test generator
nMate - Unit test code generator
- Discontinued
QuickUnit Unit Test Designer
Unit Test Boilerplate Generator
Unit Test Generator Discontinued
Unitverse Unit test generator
Visual T# Discontinued