Implemented an ObjectPersisterInterface for entity/object storage #317

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iltar commented Feb 21, 2014

Why is this useful?

Instead of using the repositoryClass, we use 'Repository as a Service'. This means that we inject our repository service instead of doing $em->getRepository('MyEntity'), this provides typehinting and autocomplete in IDEs. This introduces a minor inconvenience, we need to inject an EntityManagerInterface to provide persist/flush. We don't want the entire EntityManagerInterface capabilities just to store an object.

Using the ObjectPersisterInterface we can "hide" the EntityManagerInterface and only let the code know we have the persist and flush methods available. By default this is implemented on the EntityManager, but is also possible to be mocked or replaced by a custom implementation (rotating entity managers?).


class MyService
    private $op;
    private $es;

    public function __construct(ObjectPersisterInterface $op, MyEntityService $es)
        $this->op = $op;
        $this->es = $es;

    public function doSomething($value)
        $entity = $this->es->findByValue($value)->setValue('something');

    public function doSomethingElse()
        $entity = new MyEntity();


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wouterj commented Feb 24, 2014




beberlei commented Feb 24, 2014

You can use composition to hide the the EntityManager. I don't think this is really necessary to have in Doctrine core, because it doesnt add much benefit. Its much better you provide your own interface, wrap the EntityManager and then have something with a much better name.

@beberlei beberlei closed this Feb 24, 2014


Ocramius commented Feb 24, 2014

@beberlei I still think that the interface being splitted in common allows for more granular reuse from all those packages that directly depend on doctrine/common.

Re-defining a persister interface in sub-packages can obviously be done, but why not having a persister that does not handle finder logic?

For example, a queue where to push objects to be "saved" (don't know what it does, internally) will never be able to implement the ObjectManager without the assumption that we can retrieve the data from it afterwards.

I'm fine with having such an interface in my own package, but having it here would do no harm either IMO.

iltar commented Feb 24, 2014

@beberlei, Its part of Doctrine, Doctrine is lacking a proper interface to actually store things. You are always forced to directly program on the EntityManager like this. If so, then why even bother hiding it in the repository? I can't interface this myself, it would be used on too many of our bundles/projects. Making a composer package for 1 interface is a no-go too.

If not like this, then how are people supposed to properly flush without having the EntityManager flying around everywhere? I know for sure that if I pass the EntityManagerInterface around, people will start using calls at places they shouldn't. I don't want to depent on the world if I need 2 methods.

There is animo for this PR, so why instantly close it?

wouterj commented Dec 8, 2015

Given that a core team member thinks this kinda makes sense, can this please be reconsidered? Having to create an interface doing this in all packages seems strange...


Ocramius commented Dec 9, 2015

@wouterj looked at it again, and I don't think we should re-evaluate this before having a plan for new APIs (3.x). For now, composition is enough.

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