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Skyline is a real time anomaly detection, time series analysis and performance monitoring system, built to enable passive monitoring on metrics, without the need to configure a model/thresholds for each one. It is designed to be used wherever there are a large quantity of high-resolution time series which need constant monitoring. Once a metrics stream is set up additional metrics are automatically added to Skyline for analysis. Skyline's algorithms attempt to automatically detect what it means for each metric to be anomalous. Once set up and running, Skyline allows the user to train it what is not anomalous on a per metric basis.


Skyline documentation is available online at

The documentation for your version is also viewable in a clone locally in your browser at file://<PATH_TO_YOUR_CLONE>/docs/_build/html/index.html and via the the Skyline Webapp frontend via the docs tab.

Free Managed Service

Anomify is cutting edge version Skyline, built and managed by the team behind Skyline. With a brand new dashboard, full spec API, and intuitive UI, it will help you and your organisation unlock the full power of Skyline and more. Currently, we’re offering it as a free service for Skyline users. Find out more at