👨‍💻Programmatically manage 📝invoices and customers with node.js and Fattura24 🧾
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Fattura24 Node.js SDK

💻 Interact programmatically with 📃Fattura24 APIs with node.js.

Offically recognized by Fattura24

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This module exposes an object you can interact to with all the supported methods of Fattura24's api.

var fattura24 = new Fattura24({ apiKey: 'weejeighaGushuz7Megeisheij6oogh3' });

    CustomerName: 'MARIO ROSSI',
    CustomerAddress: 'Via Alberti 8',
    CustomerPostcode: '06122',
    CustomerCity: 'Perugia',
    CustomerProvince: 'PG',
    CustomerCountry: '',
    CustomerFiscalCode: 'MARROS66C44G217W',
    CustomerVatCode: '03912377542',
    CustomerCellPhone: '335123456789',
    CustomerEmail: 'info@rossi.it'
}).then(function( customer ) {
    console.log( customer );
}).catch(function( error ) {
    console.error( error );


This module reflects API version v0.3.3 methods. Further details are available on official documentation.

Method Purpose
testKey Verify that the ApiKey is valid
saveCustomer Create a new customer
saveDocument Create a document
getFile Retrieve a document as PDF
getTemplate Get a list of available custom document templates
getPdc Get the chart of accounts
getNumerator Get accounting branches
getProduct Get a product or a service
saveItem Create a credit


v0.0.7 - 25/03/2018

Do not throw error when unknown method is invoked.

v0.0.6 - 25/03/2018

Fixed an issue with npm publication.

v0.0.5 - 25/03/2018

Transpile es6 to es5 for wider nodejs compatibility (babel targeted to 4.0.0).

v0.0.2 - 22/03/2018

Initial release.


Enrico Deleo