How to use Etherpad Lite with Redis

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How to use Etherpad Lite with Redis

  1. Install redis on your server, make sure it stores data persistent.
  2. Edit settings.json in your Etherpad Lite root folder and change the database settings.
"dbType" : "redis",
"dbSettings" : {
    "host"        : "localhost",
    "port"        : 6379, // Adjust port if you have multiple instances of redis.
    "database"    : 0 // You should choose a database id that is not already used.
                      // If you run redis only for etherpad you can leave this as 0.
  1. Run etherpad lite

    Note: If you get Error: Cannot find module 'redis' you need to run npm install redis or npm install hiredis redis in the directory src.