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Tactical 2D shooter in fishy pixels style. Made with Rust-lang 🦀 and Bevy 🪶


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Fish Folk: Jumpy

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Fish Folk: Jumpy Preview

👉 Live on Kickstarter! 👈


Fish Folk: Jumpy is a tactical 2D shooter, played by up to 4 players online or on a shared screen. Aim either left or right; the rest is up to clever movement and positioning in this fish-on-fish brawler! For more information about our origin story (Duck Game and big-picture plans, see our design document.

Web Demo

Jumpy runs in the browser! You can play web demo to try out the game, without needing to install anything on your computer.

We recommend using the Chrome browser or other derivatives for best performance, or if you have issues with other browsers.

Key Features (WIP)

  • 2 to 4 players in either Local Multiplayer or Online Play
  • Easy to pick up, emphasizing strategy over twitch reaction
  • Customize characters with hats, saved to your cross-platform profile
  • Create & explore user-made weapons, levels, audio and other scripted extensions
  • Smart level creation tools
  • Tournaments & matchmaking built in


The game is currently under re-construction as it is being rewritten to use the Bevy game engine. There are now 4 stable maps and 4 items in the new version, and the game is nearly ready for another release.



Anyone involved in the Fish Folk community must follow our code of conduct.

If you'd like to make something for Fish Folk, check out our help-wanted issues or just ask us on Discord. We'll soon post an updated roadmap for the next month or two of work ahead.

Before committing and opening a PR, please run the following commands and follow their instructions:

  1. cargo clippy -- -W clippy::correctness -D warnings
  2. cargo fmt

Development Build Profiles

By default, Jumpy will build without optimizations for the jumpy_core and jumpy crates. This helps reduce re-compile times at the expense of some runtime performance. If you need increased runtime performance during development, you can build with the --profile dev-optimized option, to optimize all of the crates:

cargo r --profile dev-optimized

Learning Materials



Download & play

  1. Download the latest version from the releases page.
  2. Extract the archive and run the executable. (e.g. ./jumpy or jumpy.exe)


A cross-platform launcher is also available for downloading and launching the game easily.

Distro Packages

Arch Linux

pacman -S jumpy


  1. Install Rust with
  2. Clone this repository: git clone
  3. cd jumpy
  4. cargo run