@eed3si9n eed3si9n released this Apr 17, 2017 · 135 commits to master since this release


  • Adds back git tag support. #267 by @foxmk
  • Adds -d some-directory/template option for templates in a subdirectory. #269 by @lachatak
  • Adds support to configure Maven repository location using file $G8_HOME/mvnrepo. #271 by @konopski
  • Adds optional baseDirectory parameter to run. #278 by @cunei
  • Adds support to look for only the stable version from Maven Central e.g. maven(org.scalatest, scalatest_2.12, stable). #275 by @ssanj

improvements and fixes


Special thanks to the contributors for making this release a success. According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.7.2..0.8.x, compared to 0.7.2, there were 66 (non-merge) commits, by seven contributors: Artyom Artemyev, Kenji Yoshida, Sanjiv Sahayam, Antonio Cunei, Krisztian Lachata, Eugene Yokota, and Lukasz Konopski. Thank you!