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@saurabh6790 saurabh6790 released this Mar 28, 2019 · 994 commits to master since this release

  • fix(regional,italy): autoset company cf, tax_id before validating
  • fix(regional,italy): autoset tax id, cf from customer before validating missing values
  • style: Fix formatting
  • fix: Commonify get gl_entry code by moving it to accounts_controller
  • fix: ImponibileImporto calculation
  • fix(Leave Balance Report): total allocated leaves not calculated properly (#16969)
  • fix: added tags for discount amount, multiple customer po no, delivery notes
  • fix: offline pos, duplicate records creating
  • fix: Change name to Allow Account Creation against Child Company in company master
  • fix: correct use of include_item_in_manufacturing
  • fix(uom): Get items as per UOM defined in BOM, fixes #15081
  • fix: Missing semicolon
  • fix: Allow to add child account if ignore validation checked
  • fix(projects): Auto-set employee and company in Timesheet (#16743)
  • fix: Added setting in company to ignore root company validation
  • fix: Reorder Currency column to fix print (#17008)
  • fix: incorrect paid amount in accounts receivable summary report
  • fix: Child company account currency fix
  • fix: Show amount of entry based on diff of credit and debit
  • fix: description missing in the XML (#16985)
  • CodiceFiscale should be after IdFiscaleIVA
  • fix: include fiscal code in invoice xml if present
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