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I will take a look later. Much much later. Because I'm Ukrainian and we have revolution right now. Sorry


No worries, take care!


Good luck with your revolution!


Wishing good luck & safety to you @fre5h for doing what we're too scared to do. Fight for you freedom!


All the best and please stay safe!


Привіт із Гамбурга - ми з вами!


@fre5h Держитесь, Артем - мы с вами!


@fre5h solidarity!


@fre5h Слава Україні!!!




on which side are you fighting? independence from the eu? best of luck then and be safe. if you win, come to germany and teach us how to be a sovereign, proud nation with self-confidence.


What is the ETA for the completion of the revolution?


Is there an issue for the revolution? Can we label it as a blocker?


Слава Україні!


@glaszig The 'euromaiden' protests are in favour of closer European integration. Their president is moving the country closer to Russia.


@glaszig Fighting for our rights. Against dictatorship of Yanukovych
@rburhum Don't know. Three people already dead. Can be anything, anywhere, anytime

@fre5h fre5h was assigned Jan 22, 2014



Did you guys set up a daily scrum with the government? Please bring that up in the daily triage meeting because this revolution has exec visibility. ✌️




@fre5h My best wishes to you. stay safe.


@kjw the proper word is "Euro maidan". "Maidan" means square.


good luck! For the majority of Ukraine!


Beware of 💣 and best of luck refactoring the totalitarianism and corruption out of the Ukraine.


Я з вами! Шкода нема більше що ми в діаспорі можем робити щоб помогти. Бажаю здоровя та щасливість.


Just so you know, this post hit # 1 on Hacker news, with # 2 also being about Ukraine. The world is watching and supporting you. All the best, and be safe.




Героям слава!




Героям слава!


Героям слава!


Stay safe. удачи!


Good Luck!


Пидтримка з Амстердаму!


peace bro!


Героям слава!




You got this! 👍


удачи вам там!


@fre5h solidarity from turkey and germany!




Good luck!


take care!


good luck!


Be safe and good luck. ☮


Bonne chance! Stay safe if you can!


Good luck!


героям слава!


The people speak!


As a former east german i have a idea how that feels.
Good luck and take care!


Yup. Literally the best comment on a social network I've ever seen. +1 #12 (comment)




💙 💛




Good luck!!




Героям Слава!


Good luck!


Свободу Украине! Ураааа!


What a time to be alive.


Good luck!


героям слава!


Good luck 😃


"we have revolution right now" -- posted 1h after pull request was submitted hahah 😆

just to add, my family is from Ukraine and I think it's very sad what has been happening lately. Here's hoping things change for the better very promptly. Good luck @fre5h :)


good luck!


Слава Украине!


Good luck!


all the best - stay safe and sound and show them that the people are still the ones who lead together the country !


Best wishes and stay safe!


Please stay safe! We here in Western Europe wish Ukraine the best of luck.


Take care ! And good luck


nothing more to say except people from every where are with you 👍


Good luck in your revolution, stay safe! :)


Слава Україні!


good luck


Best of luck!


Good luck!


Слава Україні!


Good luck!


I've been to Kiev -- such a wonderful place! Ukrainians are extremely nice people. Russia can go to hell -- and so can the Ukrainian president, Yanukovych.

Fight for your rights and for those of generations to come. Be safe!!


Go Ukraine 👊

Cheers from Brazil.


💙 Let 🌟 God lead us! 💛


Take care! ✌️


Wishing you all the best @fre5h, and stay safe! We just had a riot in Singapore and things got ugly really quickly. Hoping for a peaceful resolution! 👍


Revolution? Ship it. :shipit:


Be safe and make change


Wish you all the best in your fight for democracy! It's a fight we should all be part of and never forget


Hope you will soon be able to merge this PR... Take care


Best wishes from FR


Stay safe! Слава Україні!


Obviously, the revolution will not be televised. It will be pull requested.


Good luck comrade!


Героям слава!


Слава Українi! Glory to Ukraine!


Godspeed! ✌️


Good luck!


Price of democracy


Screw the SQLite for functional testing support! It can wait! Good luck with the revolution! Hope things will change for the better. Cheers from Romania!


Слава Україні from Romania!


Cheers from San Francisco. Stay safe! We still expect this merge when you're back.


We wish you the best of luck!


Good luck!


Good luck


Good luck and stay strong


OK, while there is no active fights on streets right now, I can merge this PR.
But if you want, you can still express support for Ukraine, here.
Every Ukrainian will be pleased.
Thank you!

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Stay strong!




We're almost win! At least prime-minister has gone.

Слава Україні!


Greetings from Bulgaria and good luck!


you need to overturn the president, otherwise you will have a problem


Good luck!I think you have just made a most popular off-topic discussion on Github ever ;)


Good luck!


Good luck。。。from china


Good Luck! @fre5h


good luck


Strength! ('sterkte' as we say in the Netherlands)
Can't imagine what you people are going through.




Good luck!


Good luck
fix government bugs


Stay safe @fre5h ~~~


@fre5h How's the situation there? Is the political regime BSOD-ing or still hanging?


@sloby For a few days ago fights were stopped and negotiations started. So maybe it will be possible to switch revolution from the force scenario into the law scenario.


@fre5h that's cool bro'. Take care!


God bless you..


Good luck, Take care!


Be safe, and good luck with you guys.

It had been years since we have such brave behaviour. Follow what you want, and do keep it up.



John from Taiwan. Good luck for you and all the Ukrainians...the governments need to realize that people manage the government and the government is subordinate to people, not the opposite direction.


The greatest comment on github ever...


stay safe, take care, and good luck !



Take care @fre5h !


always take Vinegar with you and inhale it if caught by tear gas!


stay safe, take care, and good luck!!!!


Good luck.


Good luck From China


Keep it up! 👍


Everybody! Today 10 people died. R.I.P.
Right now there are fights on the Independence Square in Kyiv.


good luck


hey @fre5h how was it going, take care and good luck!


This morning was killed more then 60 people... !!!


Good luck from JP -> @fre5h


Good luck!


==== We're finally WIN! ====


@fisher No, you did not. Bandit Yanukovich and his gang tried to leave for Europe but they were denied by the EU. So, they just left their families in EU.

They returned to Kharkiv and will try to revenge with Putin's help. Country is about to be in civil war.

I wish you good luck. This is generally war between european and asian state of mind -- between thinking of government as of service men (european) and as of gods (asian, Putin).


Yanukovich has just been dismissed :) Congratulations, dear Neighbours!


@thejeed he does not thinks so, considering Rada to be unlegal. He is insane and can provoke civil war by claiming his opponents to be 'bandits' and 'terrorists' and fighting against them.


Congratulations form Germany. Hope situation improves for you!


@paboldin nobody cares what he thinks. This guy has failed to enter the history as a good president.

Thanks guys for your support.


We should always remember our Ukrainians brothers killed by Yanoukevicth' gang. This victory was not possible without theirs courage!
Слава Україні!!!


Героям слава!


Wikipedia is updated
Yanukovich is no more the dictator of Ukraine! (take a look on date)

Дякую всім українцям, які три місяці боролись за свою свободу. Співчуваю сім’ям кожного Героя України, який загинув за нас. Вони загинули, щоб ми з вами продовжували жити. Навіки залишаться в нашій пам’яті та серцях!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!


Good luck to you and Ukraine!


@paboldin Ласкаво просимо!


@fre5h Congratulations on removing that corrupt president. I watched videos on the internet where police snipers were mercilessly picking off unarmed protesters one by one. No government or police force has the right or authority to kill unarmed civilians. I hope those snipers are terrorised by their actions in their nightmares every night for the rest of their lives. RIP to those fallen. Stay safe.


good luck


Congratulations to you and the brave people in Ukraine. As a Chinese I admire you guys.


@fre5h 哥们你还活着,太好了! 祝贺,撒花!


I think soon it will be all over. Good luck!




As Russian armies have rolled into your country, violent conflicts may take place.
Stay away from soldiers to keep yourself safe. Good luck and don't die.
No matter which side you support, the most important thing is to be alive.
Be back, we'll be here waiting for you.


@chaserhkj I live in western Ukraine. It is far away from Crimea.


@fre5h That's fine... Good to hear that. ^_^
Anyway, no matter what happen, I just hope that things will eventually get better for yourself and your country. Best wishes!

+ * @author Ben Davies <>

Seriously dude, you added 5 lines of code and that's worth adding your name to the credits?


@NO-LIMIT-CODER Under US Copyright law, yes: it is required.


best wishes to you !


Best of luck bro.


Слава Україні!

Glory to Ukraine!


Героям слава.

People, this is an epic thread. Although the things are coming to the end. After the second round of elections all will be good.


There are forces in Ukraine that are willing to prevent that from happening. So, it is not that simply.

Sorry for russian:




good luck




look tar!


Russian occupants shall not pass!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!


@Nayjest is something going down right now, or just a general rant?
PS: started listening Ukrainian radio - pretty cool:


I congratulate you with most fair elections any of the ex-soviet republics have ever seen.

I hope these results, whoever would win, will bring stability (especially to the eastern part of Ukraine) and will end the era of Russian occupation.

You did it. You overthrew soviet mentality. Keep up.


nothing has been stopped. it is only start of the third revolution


@m-khl OK, so, russian twitter-bots paid by russian government are promoting #SaveDumbassPeople hashtag. What is new about it? PutinMedia do this like every time.


@paboldin I just wondered what makes the killing civilians by aviation and artillery appropriate now.
"Hagel Warns Ukraine Not to Use Military Against Protestors"


@m-khl if by 'civilians' you mean armed Chechen guys then the answer is obvious.

If not, then prove there are casualties among civilians that are caused by Ukrainian military actions and not just claimed to be so. There are well-known provocations facts from the Dumbass Republic army forces.


@paboldin an those "well-known facts" are "not just claimed to be so". for sure. undoubtedly.

and what if in 'civilians' I mean unarmed woman and Italian journalist who's killed by splinter mines?


@m-khl you forgot about this fake new about children too. Prove your facts or leave.

Until I see official investigation results I deny to claim anything.


@paboldin I wonder if you are from Ukraine?


@fre5h any news?


@BlackNoxis war...

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