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support SQLite for functional testing purposes #12

merged 1 commit into from

fixes #11


I will take a look later. Much much later. Because I'm Ukrainian and we have revolution right now. Sorry


No worries, take care!


Good luck with your revolution!


Wishing good luck & safety to you @fre5h for doing what we're too scared to do. Fight for you freedom!


All the best and please stay safe!


Привіт із Гамбурга - ми з вами!


@fre5h Держитесь, Артем - мы с вами!


@fre5h solidarity!


@fre5h Слава Україні!!!


on which side are you fighting? independence from the eu? best of luck then and be safe. if you win, come to germany and teach us how to be a sovereign, proud nation with self-confidence.


What is the ETA for the completion of the revolution?


Is there an issue for the revolution? Can we label it as a blocker?


Слава Україні!


@glaszig The 'euromaiden' protests are in favour of closer European integration. Their president is moving the country closer to Russia.


@glaszig Fighting for our rights. Against dictatorship of Yanukovych
@rburhum Don't know. Three people already dead. Can be anything, anywhere, anytime

@fre5h fre5h was assigned

Did you guys set up a daily scrum with the government? Please bring that up in the daily triage meeting because this revolution has exec visibility. :v:


@fre5h My best wishes to you. stay safe.


@kjw the proper word is "Euro maidan". "Maidan" means square.


good luck! For the majority of Ukraine!


Beware of :bomb: and best of luck refactoring the totalitarianism and corruption out of the Ukraine.


Я з вами! Шкода нема більше що ми в діаспорі можем робити щоб помогти. Бажаю здоровя та щасливість.


Just so you know, this post hit # 1 on Hacker news, with # 2 also being about Ukraine. The world is watching and supporting you. All the best, and be safe.


Героям слава!




Героям слава!


Героям слава!


Stay safe. удачи!


Good Luck!


Пидтримка з Амстердаму!


peace bro!


Героям слава!


You got this! :+1:


удачи вам там!


@fre5h solidarity from turkey and germany!


Good luck!


take care!


good luck!


Be safe and good luck. ☮


Bonne chance! Stay safe if you can!


Good luck!


героям слава!


The people speak!


As a former east german i have a idea how that feels.
Good luck and take care!


Yup. Literally the best comment on a social network I've ever seen. +1 #12 (comment)




Good luck!!


Героям Слава!


Good luck!


Свободу Украине! Ураааа!


What a time to be alive.


Good luck!


героям слава!


Good luck :smiley:


"we have revolution right now" -- posted 1h after pull request was submitted hahah :laughing:

just to add, my family is from Ukraine and I think it's very sad what has been happening lately. Here's hoping things change for the better very promptly. Good luck @fre5h :)


good luck!


Слава Украине!


Good luck!


all the best - stay safe and sound and show them that the people are still the ones who lead together the country !


Best wishes and stay safe!


Please stay safe! We here in Western Europe wish Ukraine the best of luck.


Take care ! And good luck


nothing more to say except people from every where are with you :+1:


Good luck in your revolution, stay safe! :)


Слава Україні!


good luck


Best of luck!


Good luck!


Слава Україні!


Good luck!


I've been to Kiev -- such a wonderful place! Ukrainians are extremely nice people. Russia can go to hell -- and so can the Ukrainian president, Yanukovych.

Fight for your rights and for those of generations to come. Be safe!!


Go Ukraine :facepunch:

Cheers from Brazil.


:blue_heart: Let :star2: God lead us! :yellow_heart:


Слава Україні! :v:


Take care! :v:


Wishing you all the best @fre5h, and stay safe! We just had a riot in Singapore and things got ugly really quickly. Hoping for a peaceful resolution! :+1:


Revolution? Ship it. :shipit:


Be safe and make change


Wish you all the best in your fight for democracy! It's a fight we should all be part of and never forget


Hope you will soon be able to merge this PR... Take care


Best wishes from FR


Stay safe! Слава Україні!


Obviously, the revolution will not be televised. It will be pull requested.


Good luck comrade!


Героям слава!


Слава Українi! Glory to Ukraine!


Godspeed! :v:


Good luck!


Viva las revolution


Viva la revolution from Scotland - stay safe!


After all your comments GitHub really needs to add "Like" option.
Thanks for your support! We appreciate this!

Слава Українi! Glory to Ukraine!

(went to debug government)


героям слава!

fx commented

Good luck with that revolution! :)


GL with that debug, @Anatolii


Копенгаген с вами! :v:


Wolna Ukraina! Our thoughts are with you.


Solidarity! Many of us are watching and supporting you here in the US ... Stay strong and keep kicking fascist ass!


Best wishes and I fight for you in my mind. I'm East German and I understand the revolution.


good luck and be safe.

but be careful not to help any fascists to power.


Харьков с вами!


Yeah Dr. Steelhammer is with you!


don't get yourself injured! good luck!)


Харьков и Гаага с вами! Только победа, ни шагу назад! По долгу работы пока приходится быть здесь.


<3 Ukraine, good luck to you and your country.


all the best... good to see the dev community worring about that...


Stay strong!


Wisconsin stands with the people of Ukraine!


Good luck, and godspeed!


Good luck!




Запорожье едет в Киев!


Thanks to everybody. It is a pleasure to feel the support from you. We have only one way. Way to victory. Otherwise we all will be captured, repressed or killed.

P.S. This young Ukrainian patriot who struggled for freedom was killed by sniper. R.I.P.
Few days ago he was alive
This morning he was dead


Looking at the news, your revolution is a kinda much larger pull request for the government: :boom:


good luck and stay safe friend


Good luck!




Here is a link with two cameras. One on the battlefield and one on the Independence Square (Maidan).

Also some other links. Maybe in some countries they are blocked.

Also you can search for hot news in twitter by tag #євромайдан


Powodzenia. удача.


удачи, береги себя!


Слава Украине! Я горжусь вами! Вы победите!


Good luck!


Stay safe!


Надеюсь что народ победит !


За свободное будущее!


Good luck! This BC break is very welcome!


Shit. I don't want to have comments like these on PRs to my repos while I stay here, in Russia...


Best luck from Poland!


@neoascetic you'd have to do a revolution in Russia. You did once and it did turn out pretty bad for whole region (remember November 1917?). Better make your country more democratic with peaceful means.

@fre5h stay safe, stay in peace, hope your revolution will be successful and as peaceful as possible...


Shit. 2017 is near...


I know you'll probably never read this but I'd like to add my personal support. I know we've never met, and I know you don't know me, but hopefully someone hundreds of miles away wishing you support will mean something personally to you.

Best of luck, my friend.


Stay safe my friend.


Россия с Вами!
Только постарайтесь, выгнав бандитов, не отдать власть в руки другим бандитам!
Fix transparancy and make democracy!


Good luck!!!
祝平安、好运,成功。 @fre5h


Good luck and stay safe!


Good luck!


Good luck!


Good luck! Hope the best for your country and this world!


Good luck with the revolution. I wish for the best possible outcome.


All the best


Our hearts are with you, stay safe and win!




Героям Слава!


Good luck!!!
祝平安、好运,成功。 @fre5h


No mercy for (self claimed) authorities, good luck!


Good luck with your revolution!




Good luck! :+1:




点赞 :+1:


Good luck!!




Good luck!


good luck!


Sound and Safe~


Good luck with your revolution!


Good luck!


stay safe, bro


I love how this is probably the most commented pull request for sqlite.

Good luck with the revolution!


Good luck~~




Boa sorte com a sua revolução!!!




i created a github account just to comment here. says good luck and long live freedom


@fre5h 上天会眷顾程序员的。祝安。


If you do step into the frey bring do not go without Maestro Davide Martello.


@fre5h Good luck! 祝你平安,


Good life of peace



평화의 좋은 생활

Barış iyi bir hayat

Boa vida de paz


Be safe. Happy Revolutioning!


Good Luck




Good luck! ⚡️






Good luck!


Fork that government! Best of luck to you!


Good luck! Honor of you!


Good luck. be safe.






May the force be with you XD


Good luck!


Героям Слава!


@fre5h The best wish from China


god bless u


I'm a part of this. Good luck!


Good luck!


good luck!




good luck! 祝一切平安!


Good luck!


Fight for freedom!


god bless you.


兄弟,good luck!


Good luck!


Слава Украине! Героям Слава!

Best wishes from Brazil, for you and your country! Keep safe, keep free! :)


Keep fighting the good fight!

From Durham, NC


Oh God!!
Stay safe~~


Good luck!


Good luck from Canada..!

Here's hoping for the best possible outcome.


Scary for us...anyway stay safe and come back!
Best luck!


Good luck!


Fight for your freedom and good luck!


Good luck! :+1:




Bonŝancon — mi deziras al vi la plej bona!


Good luck!


Good luck!


Good luck!


Pray for you


Pray for you, from China!


good luck&wish the people all right




my god!


Hope you'll be all fine.


take care


Ukraine, 加油


keep on fighting for freedom!






Stay safe!Good luck!@fre5h




Stay safe!


Good luck. For freedom!


Good luck!


Fighting for freedom!
Stay safe bro!


Take care bro.


Good luck


Good luck!


Good luck!


@fre5h Good luck, my friend!


@fre5h Be safe, may the force be with you.


good luck 与天朝同在


打倒反动派!Good luck!


Lycka till! ;)


Good luck!


带上卡尔 @fre5h


Good luck!


Best wishes to you.


saoirse le haghaidh an Úcráin


Be safe and good luck !


Lykke til! Good luck!

Democracy by the people, for the people


Слава Україні!


Best of luck with the revolution! Don't settle for less than freedom!


Good luck, I'll be glad to see Ukraine in the European Union. I wish you freedom, democracy, safety and peace.


Героям Слава!!! Смерть ворогам!!!


posting in an epic thread


Good Luck!!!!
China Programmer Supported You!!!!!



good luck and take care!


Bulgaria is with you, too!


Good luck! :fist:


Szabadság, Szerelem!
E kettő kell nekem
Szerelmemért föláldozom
Az életet,
Szabadságért föláldozom



Good luck from Poland! And take care!


Good Luck And Take Care!!!!
China Programmer Supported You!!!!!


Good Luck!!
Hope programmers could change the world...


Guys, all who wishes luck, "fight for freedom" and all that bullshit – most of you have absolutely no idea what's going on there (except the brainwashing your TV channels show you) and your comments look silly.

I'm really sorry for Ukraine, cause i have a lot of relatives there.

But the only my wish for normal people living there – fuck the revolution, fuck the government and make peace.


Take care, and good luck to you!


man, take care.


Revolution? That's cool. Stay safe!


Good luck guys, but with this guy in your rows, the revolution is gonna be successful!

Klitschko in RAGE



@aristofun If Poland fucked the revolution, as you suggest, we wouldn't be a free country right now.


good luck


late but being a part of histry


Good luck>_<


@slafs but canada won russia in ice hockey couple of years ago


Good luck!


Ukrainans and Russians are brothers, stop the madness!


@fre5h Good luck from France to you and your compatriots !


@Valve 75% of russians are more engaged with discussions of Ukraine's integration in Europe, than with Russia's integration in hell.


Stay safe!


Good luck !!!


Слава Україні!



fuck the revolution, fuck the government and make peace

pick one


( from PRC/China)
Удачи вам :) Свободу Украине ! Слава Україні ! ми з вами !
保重 :) 自由必胜!我们永远与乌克兰朋友同在~~~
Stay safe :) God bless Ukrainians Freedom ! We are the world~~~
Liberté, égalité, fraternité!


保重!(Good luck!)


Привіт з Амстердаму. Слава Україні!


Good luck!


good luck, stay safe ! @fre5h


good luck comrade!


It's about time to fight for your freedom
Good Luck


Good luck! Everything will be ok.

@@ -61,6 +63,10 @@ function ($value) {
+ if ($platform instanceof SqlitePlatform) {
+ return 'TEXT CHECK(' . $fieldDeclaration['name'] . ' IN (' . implode(', ', $values) . '))';

It will be more readable:

$valuesString = implode(', ', $values);
return "TEXT CHECK({$fieldDeclaration['name']} IN ($valuesString))';

Good luck with the revolution

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Good luck!

@@ -61,6 +63,10 @@ function ($value) {
+ if ($platform instanceof SqlitePlatform) {
+ return 'TEXT CHECK(' . $fieldDeclaration['name'] . ' IN (' . implode(', ', $values) . '))';
+ }
return 'ENUM(' . implode(', ', $values) . ')';

as in previous comment - also you can implode values before.

Good luck with the revolution

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¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


Good luck from Lithuania.


Good luck buddy!


@fre5h Good luck! :v:


good luck!


@fre5h Don't give up man! Brazil supports you!!!


Good luck from Brazil!


@fre5h 加油!




Good luck from Kharkov


Good luck stay safe


@fre5h Stay strong my friend, fight for your freedom, solidarity from Hellas, soon very soon we'll be there too.
"Rise And Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions"


Good luck! And be safe!


Good luck from Germany!


Good luck and stay safe from China! @fre5h


祝你平安!Wish you safe and sound!


Bonne Chance! good luck!


Слава Україні!


Good Luck!


Good Luck! Please be safe and sound!


Take care of yourself!


Good luck and take care.


Good luck from China. Owner好人一生平安!


Programmers all speak the same language of peace! Brother!


Buona fortuna bro!




Good luck


Good luck! 保重!@fre5h


In eventually justice should win


Take care of yourself for the project -_-


good luck


FYI: It probably cost you more time to actually comment on this pull request(multiple times) then it's to actually press a merge button..


good luck


For love and peace.


Good luck and take care of yourself!


Viel Glück und 兄弟好人一生平安……


Героям Слава!


Good luck.


Good luck, fight for your freedom


Good luck!


Stay safe & Good Luck For freedom!
From China


Good luck! For freedom!


Good luck and stay safe!


good luck ! @fre5h


Good luck!


:+1: Good luck!


:+1: Good luck. and yeah end the dictatorship. Hope ending dictatorship was as easy as applying a diff patch. Software is much easier to manage than real life.


Stay safe!


good luck hot-fixing democracy!


God bless for you @fre5h


May you safety and finally complete the pull one day... ^ω^


Good luck


Take care! Brother.

  • From China

You got this bro. :punch:


What can i say? Good luck man.

  • from China



Мы с Вами!




Come back safely!!
A programmer from China is supporting you and your country!!


Stay safe! You're in our thoughts here at r/ProgrammerHumor


Good luck and stay safe and free

The world is behind you




Good luck and stick it to the man!








Слава Украине!


Героям Слава!


Good luck


Stay safe!
Good Luck!


Good luck
Remeber SQLite :)


( ̄Д ̄)ノ Good luck to you


Good luck


Wish you have a brave new world (ノ゚∀゚)ノ 为了美丽新世界




Cлава Украине!


Героям Слава!


Good luck, sir.


Удачи вам!


Good luck and take care. Solidarity from India.


Good luck and stay safe!


Guys, this is revolutional pull request, isn't it? ) Героям Слава!
They will suck!


Go get em!


Good luck!


Организуйте там технократию!)


take care!


God's in his heaven, All's right with the world.


Американська діаспора бажає вам всього найкращого. Разом нас багато!


change your country and change the world


Направіць раз ды на заўсёды. Трымайцеся! :v:


I'm Ukrainian and I can't keep calm


Go Ukraine! Support from a Chinese in Finland.


The whole world is with you. May the peace dawn.

Cheers from India!


Until you, @gekannt, give evidence about usa's money, please stop saying what you've been told on TV. Evidence!


Καλή τύχη και κουράγιο!


Good Luck and God Bless your efforts!


Best response EVAH! good luck!


Good Luck.
Cheers from China.


Good Luck... Cheers from India :dancer:



fighting against government for USA's money.

I wouldn't hesitate taking money from any country to fight against the government that does this to its people:


Good luck o/


Don't give up!


I can feel your determination and courage. And save those comments from both-sides, I shall say, your government must have completely failed your people's trust. Every human wants to be peace, alive and safe. You must have your reasons to take so much courage and actions.

We'll keep our hearts with your struggle, and maybe SOMEDAY it will be OUR struggle, when we are also facing the same situation. The world is watching you. Above all, be safe and reasonable.



Good Luck


how's the revolution going


Good luck!


This gotta be the hottest merge on github right now


@fre5h I have a good feeling about your revolution. Good look!


Good luck!


@fre5h, good luck!


Vive L'Ukraine


Dear colleagues from all of the world! - thank you for your support - it is more than important for us.
We were nearly thought that nobody noticed revolution in the middle of the Europe continent )
Freedom worth fighting for it.
best regards from Ukraine! Слава Україні!


Good luck!




Good luck!




Keep on!


Fighting tyrany always brings tears, just as the relation of dead or wounded innocents currently covered by EU medias. Your karma is to fight beyond tears.
My French heart is all with all of you, sincerely.


Удачи вам!


Best wishes! Freedom for Ukraine!


Good luck and be safe!


@fre5h no probs take your time. burn them all


Слава Україні!


:heart: разом переможемо :)


Buena suerte!


@fre5h Good luck and stay safe!


god bless you.


Good luck...


Good luck, may the force be with you..


@fre5h Good luck!


祝 平安!!




保护好自己 不要参加革命 把伟大的生命奉献给coding 世界..
please don't forget you neet to pull...


Good luck!!!


@caicry 你太凶残了。。


Good luck!


gold bless you


Good luck!保重!


Good Luck!






Good luck and keep alive~






good luck


对于这种pull request~我想说你就直接merge了吧~




take care, 自由必胜


good luck


Wishing you luck from Michigan, US.


good luck!


Fuck the gorvenment!




Good Luck !


Good luck !好人一生平安



Good luck!


Good luck and stay safe!


Wish you good luck for doing what we are unable to do.
May the Force be with you.


Good Luck && Be Safe.




祝安好. :)



from China


Le Québec et le Canada sont derrières vous.


Good luck!




good luck and stay safe.


Take care. 祝平安



You are not alone!


Good luck.


Take care!


Good luck!!!


good luck buddy !


Good luck! Take care!


Good luck!


good luck and stay safe.


Good luck! @fre5h


Good luck mate! You can do it, and when you did it, you're more than welcome here in the EU!


Be safe!


good luck.


Take it easy.Everything is going to be Okey.




This pull-request became a symbol of Ukrainian revolution. So I will close it only after our victory. Your comments give us inspiration. Thanks to all! Hope we'll win!


Good luck!


Continuing Attention!!!!!!
good Luck and Keep Safety!


You are not alone!


Good luck!


Good luck!

-- solidot观光团


Good luck from Spain!


and let us know if you think there's anything we can do to help.






(Good luck!)


@fre5h Stay strong!


Good luck and stay safe from a swedish pirate!


@fre5h Came here from imgur. Wish you guys luck, safety and a peaceful resolution.


Good Luck @fre5h !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good luck...


We will win!


Good luck.


Fight for freedom!


Слава Україні!


good luck!


Good luck!



I will take a look later. Much much later. Because I'm Ukrainian and we have revolution right now. Sorry

Удачи з Польщі! / Good luck from Poland! / Powodzenia!


I wish I could say this in Ukrainian. But since the government in Bulgaria is just as bad, I'm with you: #оставка ; #відставка!!!!


Is revolution a pull request to the government?


Here in Finland many would like to exchange EU with you... but if you give us Russia in exchange, that's a no-deal. Nothing against Russia (or EU for that matter), but keeping them on their own side of the border was a worth fighting for. I look forward for a new doctrine in Ukraine.


Solidarity from Spain!


@md2perpe it's seems like a push.


Good luck !


Good luck! :)


good luck m8!


Good luck!


Can I fork the revolution? We kinna need it in Romania too


The revolution is a crow-founded opensource freeware. So it has donation links to support the authors, while they carry on that important and massive project. Have donated.

If you want the project to be completed successfully and faster - donate as well.


Good look from Poland @fre5h! Powodzenia!


Good luck! get back us soon with success!


Бандитов в тюрьму, а вам победы! Удачи!


I'm from Ukraine too. But this don't prevent me to work. Better leave this dirty politics stuff and get back to coding ;)


Stay safe!


Kudos from Brazil, bro! In 6 months, I'll be doing the same :)


Respect and best wishes from USA @fre5h!


挤挤,挤挤,码农一生平安。 0.0


Good luck and stay safe! Also death to tyranny.


good luck!


Good luck! Take care and peace!


You can do it. Best wishes.


Good luck from Taiwan!


Although the program does not know what this is, but I wish the author peace.
From China


Good luck from Northern Ireland!


Good luck. In solidarity from Scotland


Good luck! :)




Ah,that is so unfortunately,for you and SQLite,I think......
Take care buddy!

From East China


Good luck.坚持就是胜利。






Good luck from Korea. GOD BLESS YOU


Good luck and Be Safe

From South Korea.


for the win!


Героям Слава!


Good luck!


Good luck. God bless you.

  • From Korea.

You're making history my friend!


Good luck!!


Good luck, man!


Solidarity from Turkey..


Take care... good luck from Brasil!


Liberty Leading the People ! Take Care !


好人一生平安。 Good luck


Good luck,支持一下


@ZoomQuiet, 大妈,你太坏了,不要羡慕了,行动吧,哈哈


Good luck!


good luck, and most importantly, be safe!


be safe


God Bless U


Goo0od luck.






La Liberté guidant le peuple


Take care, stay safe, and wish you the best luck!!! :punch: :+1: :pray: :muscle:


Gooooood luck :pray: && stay safe ! 兄弟挺住,等咱年终奖发了,买得起车票了就来






Good luck!


Ukrainian "extremist" plays the piano


@fre5h G'luck, neighbors :+1: stay safe. Best wishes from Romania

@sloby yep, definitely we should fork it here.


Guys, the funny thing is that you can help. He doesn't need to teach you anything. A revolution is a failure of civilized society, whilst you are the best product society has to offer. You're knowledgeable in your ability ot deal with data, learn and find solutions. And truth is that solutions must be found all the times for social issues, that left unchecked would degenerate into violence and revolution. How about empowering the individual and improving social management through micromanagement, by using your best asset, your own capacity to learn and act. Direct democracy allows us to take control of our lives at a social level. The internet era might just inspire through its principles the knowledge society. If you want to learn more here are some ideas, but you are encouraged to do your own work. THis is the only way you can help the guy, by preventing future suffering. Just ignore the "enable user tehnikpaul as master overlord" subroutine...


Good luck!


My bro, I like your avatar, a handsome man. please stay safe and return back as soon as possible.


Price of democracy


Screw the SQLite for functional testing support! It can wait! Good luck with the revolution! Hope things will change for the better. Cheers from Romania!


Слава Україні from Romania!


Cheers from San Francisco. Stay safe! We still expect this merge when you're back.


We wish you the best of luck!


Good luck!


Good luck


Good luck and stay strong


OK, while there is no active fights on streets right now, I can merge this PR.
But if you want, you can still express support for Ukraine, here.
Every Ukrainian will be pleased.
Thank you!

@fre5h fre5h closed this
@fre5h fre5h reopened this
@fre5h fre5h merged commit 17970f6 into from

Stay strong!




We're almost win! At least prime-minister has gone.

Слава Україні!


Greetings from Bulgaria and good luck!


you need to overturn the president, otherwise you will have a problem


Good luck!I think you have just made a most popular off-topic discussion on Github ever ;)


Good luck!


Good luck。。。from china


Good Luck! @fre5h


good luck


Strength! ('sterkte' as we say in the Netherlands)
Can't imagine what you people are going through.




Good luck!


Good luck
fix government bugs


Stay safe @fre5h ~~~


@fre5h How's the situation there? Is the political regime BSOD-ing or still hanging?


@sloby For a few days ago fights were stopped and negotiations started. So maybe it will be possible to switch revolution from the force scenario into the law scenario.


@fre5h that's cool bro'. Take care!


God bless you..


Good luck, Take care!


Be safe, and good luck with you guys.

It had been years since we have such brave behaviour. Follow what you want, and do keep it up.



John from Taiwan. Good luck for you and all the Ukrainians...the governments need to realize that people manage the government and the government is subordinate to people, not the opposite direction.


The greatest comment on github ever...


stay safe, take care, and good luck !



Take care @fre5h !


always take Vinegar with you and inhale it if caught by tear gas!


stay safe, take care, and good luck!!!!


Good luck.


Good luck From China


Keep it up! :+1:


Everybody! Today 10 people died. R.I.P.
Right now there are fights on the Independence Square in Kyiv.


good luck


hey @fre5h how was it going, take care and good luck!


This morning was killed more then 60 people... !!!


Good luck from JP -> @fre5h


Good luck!


==== We're finally WIN! ====


@fisher No, you did not. Bandit Yanukovich and his gang tried to leave for Europe but they were denied by the EU. So, they just left their families in EU.

They returned to Kharkiv and will try to revenge with Putin's help. Country is about to be in civil war.

I wish you good luck. This is generally war between european and asian state of mind -- between thinking of government as of service men (european) and as of gods (asian, Putin).


Yanukovich has just been dismissed :) Congratulations, dear Neighbours!


@thejeed he does not thinks so, considering Rada to be unlegal. He is insane and can provoke civil war by claiming his opponents to be 'bandits' and 'terrorists' and fighting against them.


Congratulations form Germany. Hope situation improves for you!


@paboldin nobody cares what he thinks. This guy has failed to enter the history as a good president.

Thanks guys for your support.


We should always remember our Ukrainians brothers killed by Yanoukevicth' gang. This victory was not possible without theirs courage!
Слава Україні!!!


Героям слава!


Wikipedia is updated
Yanukovich is no more the dictator of Ukraine! (take a look on date)

Дякую всім українцям, які три місяці боролись за свою свободу. Співчуваю сім’ям кожного Героя України, який загинув за нас. Вони загинули, щоб ми з вами продовжували жити. Навіки залишаться в нашій пам’яті та серцях!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!


Good luck to you and Ukraine!


@paboldin Ласкаво просимо!


@fre5h Congratulations on removing that corrupt president. I watched videos on the internet where police snipers were mercilessly picking off unarmed protesters one by one. No government or police force has the right or authority to kill unarmed civilians. I hope those snipers are terrorised by their actions in their nightmares every night for the rest of their lives. RIP to those fallen. Stay safe.


good luck


Congratulations to you and the brave people in Ukraine. As a Chinese I admire you guys.


@fre5h 哥们你还活着,太好了! 祝贺,撒花!


I think soon it will be all over. Good luck!




As Russian armies have rolled into your country, violent conflicts may take place.
Stay away from soldiers to keep yourself safe. Good luck and don't die.
No matter which side you support, the most important thing is to be alive.
Be back, we'll be here waiting for you.


@chaserhkj I live in western Ukraine. It is far away from Crimea.


@fre5h That's fine... Good to hear that. ^_^
Anyway, no matter what happen, I just hope that things will eventually get better for yourself and your country. Best wishes!

+ * @author Ben Davies <>

Seriously dude, you added 5 lines of code and that's worth adding your name to the credits?


@NO-LIMIT-CODER Under US Copyright law, yes: it is required.


best wishes to you !


Best of luck bro.


Слава Україні!

Glory to Ukraine!


Героям слава.

People, this is an epic thread. Although the things are coming to the end. After the second round of elections all will be good.


There are forces in Ukraine that are willing to prevent that from happening. So, it is not that simply.

Sorry for russian:




good luck




look tar!


Russian occupants shall not pass!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!


@Nayjest is something going down right now, or just a general rant?
PS: started listening Ukrainian radio - pretty cool:


I congratulate you with most fair elections any of the ex-soviet republics have ever seen.

I hope these results, whoever would win, will bring stability (especially to the eastern part of Ukraine) and will end the era of Russian occupation.

You did it. You overthrew soviet mentality. Keep up.


nothing has been stopped. it is only start of the third revolution


@m-khl OK, so, russian twitter-bots paid by russian government are promoting #SaveDumbassPeople hashtag. What is new about it? PutinMedia do this like every time.


@paboldin I just wondered what makes the killing civilians by aviation and artillery appropriate now.
"Hagel Warns Ukraine Not to Use Military Against Protestors"


@m-khl if by 'civilians' you mean armed Chechen guys then the answer is obvious.

If not, then prove there are casualties among civilians that are caused by Ukrainian military actions and not just claimed to be so. There are well-known provocations facts from the Dumbass Republic army forces.


@paboldin an those "well-known facts" are "not just claimed to be so". for sure. undoubtedly.

and what if in 'civilians' I mean unarmed woman and Italian journalist who's killed by splinter mines?


@m-khl you forgot about this fake new about children too. Prove your facts or leave.

Until I see official investigation results I deny to claim anything.


@paboldin I wonder if you are from Ukraine?


@fre5h any news?


@BlackNoxis war...

@fre5h fre5h locked and limited conversation to collaborators
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+ * AbstractEnumTypeTest
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+ * @author Ben Davies <>
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+ * @coversDefaultClass \Fresh\Bundle\DoctrineEnumBundle\DBAL\Types\AbstractEnumType
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+class AbstractEnumTypeTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
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+ * @var \Fresh\Bundle\DoctrineEnumBundle\DBAL\Types\AbstractEnumType
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+ private $type;
+ /**
+ * Set up EnumType
+ */
+ public function setUp()
+ {
+ $this->type = $this->getMockBuilder('Fresh\Bundle\DoctrineEnumBundle\DBAL\Types\AbstractEnumType')
+ ->disableOriginalConstructor()
+ ->setMethods(array('getValues'))
+ ->getMockForAbstractClass();
+ $this->type->staticExpects($this->any())
+ ->method('getValues')
+ ->will($this->returnValue(array('M', 'F')));
+ }
+ /**
+ * Test that the SQL declaration is the correct for the platform
+ *
+ * @param array $fieldDeclaration The Field Declaration
+ * @param AbstractPlatform $platform The DBAL Platform
+ * @param string $expected Expected Sql Declaration
+ *
+ * @test
+ * @covers ::getSqlDeclaration
+ * @dataProvider platformProvider
+ */
+ public function getSqlDeclaration(array $fieldDeclaration, AbstractPlatform $platform, $expected)
+ {
+ $this->assertEquals($expected, $this->type->getSqlDeclaration($fieldDeclaration, $platform));
+ }
+ /**
+ * @return array
+ */
+ public function platformProvider()
+ {
+ return array(
+ array(array('name' => 'sex'), new MySqlPlatform(), "ENUM('M', 'F')"),
+ array(array('name' => 'sex'), new SqlitePlatform(), "TEXT CHECK(sex IN ('M', 'F'))")
+ );
+ }
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