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FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

FZI Research Center for Information Technology

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  1. Lanelet2 Public

    Map handling framework for automated driving

    C++ 388 200

  2. GPU-Voxels is a CUDA based library which allows high resolution volumetric collision detection between animated 3D models and live pointclouds from 3D sensors of all kinds.

    C++ 227 69

  3. A set of Cartesian controllers for the ROS-control framework.

    C++ 95 28

  4. DEPRECATED: A set of packages to bring Cartesian control functionality to the ROS-control framework.

    C++ 30 7

  5. Library for handling lanelet maps in C++

    C++ 24 11

  6. oadrive Public

    Open Autonomous Driving Library (CDDL License)

    C++ 18 6


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