Group Report 4 26 Comments

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The last two weeks, our group had been splitting up to work on different parts of the project. We had code review to show our how our code works, there were suggestion to test the performance of our code through a big database, api compatible with the server as well. These are the thing we have worked on wiki, unit tests, and api functions . The wiki page will have the introduction of our project, how to use python, tutorial on how to install python and the python sugarcrm. There will be guide of each part of our python class and how our class interacts with the server, and examples. We will be organize the wiki so it will be easy to read, and hope to help the new user understand it.

The test structure is still not as good as we expected. We have it modified several times and still try to find a most efficient way. Since lacking of experience about this area we paid much time on this problem. On the other hand we get the dynamic implementation worked. Now we could just simply drop new test into that folder, the TestSuite will search the entire folder and run the tests under that.

Based on the code review, John Metric gave us these listed advice:

  1. Add dynamic function creation which is useful for updated version of the sugarcrm API, so our python version remains relevant.
  2. Query class which would generate proper SQL syntax from simple user input.
  3. Unittest should be work in the future, at least in the release phrase.
  4. WIKI page need to be well documented.