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Gephi medium and long term plans, up to Gephi 1.0. Please consult Gephi_Releases to see what we accomplished so far.

0.9 (2014)

  • New Visualization API
  • Legend in Preview
  • New Partition API
  • Attribute dictionary (value indexed and min/max support)
  • More dynamic metrics like dynamic density.
  • Graph metadata in workspace
  • Flexible table importer (GSoC)
  • Force Directed Edges Bundling in Preview (GSoC)
  • New statistics reports (GSoC)

Target 1.0

  • GPU Visualization Engine, target 200K nodes, 1M edges (Specification - GSoC Shader Engine).
  • Local exploration, quick overview on a subgraph
  • Layout -- Circular -- Tree -- Balloon
  • Graphs with different shapes
  • QuickSearch API, contextual search on attributes
  • Data sources plugins ideas -- Youtube, Flickr, twitter, email, ... -- Databases assistants -- Text documents (get co-occurrences, language detection, persons graphs) -- NYT API -- Publications (citations, authors, affiliation graphs) -- Wikipedia -- Navicrawler
  • Data file import -- XLS assistant -- RDF -- Matlab -- Adjacency lists/matrix -- Topic Maps XTM ?
  • Annotation module
  • Clustering (WeakComponents, K-Means, ...)
  • Generators (Barabasi-Albert, Latapy, ...)
  • Scientometrics module
  • New tools (interactivity with graphs, manual edit)
  • Statistics reports HTML/JS embedded browser. Build complex/interactive output from an algorithm execution.
  • Legend generator, generate legend from treatment done to the graph
  • Edges bundling visualization technique
  • Integrate other visualization (treemap, scatter plots...)
  • Undo/Redo
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