Toolkit Releases

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Gephi Toolkit-0.9.1 (February 16 2016)

Gephi Toolkit based on Gephi version 0.9.1

See release notes details at

Gephi Toolkit-0.9.0 (February 04 2016)

Gephi Toolkit based on Gephi version 0.9.0

See release notes details at

Gephi Toolkit-0.8.7 (January 13 2013)

Gephi Toolkit-0.8.6 (June 06 2012)

Gephi Toolkit 0.8.5 (March 29 2012)

See the 0.8.1 releases notes to see improvements:

  • Ranking now supports local and global scale.
  • Modularity (Community detection) adds edge weight support and resolution setting.
  • Self-loop filter
  • Better range filter support

Gephi Toolkit 0.8.2497 (October 03 2011)

See the 0.8beta releases notes to see improvements:

  • New Preview architecture, one can now write Preview Plugins
  • ForceAtlas2 layout algorithm, with multi-thread option
  • PNG Export
  • Dynamic Metrics
  • Data Lab node merging
  • Node and Edge transparency in Preview
  • Edge labels on curved edges
  • Text outline now in Preview
  • Database importer now supports time columns (start & end)
  • DL Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • GML Export (Thanks to Taras Klaskovsky)
  • NET Export (Thanks to Daniel Bernardes)
  • K-core filter
  • Inter and Intra partition filter
  • Now supports SQLite databases
  • Weighted degree now also for directed graphs

Gephi Toolkit 0.8.2234 (June 02 2011)

See the 0.8alpha releases notes to see improvements:

  • GEXF 1.2 support (partial)
  • Integrate Email Spigot - create network from emails
  • Add Neighbour Filter
  • Improve support of meta-edges in Statistics and Filters
  • Edge weight option in PageRank, which can now be used by the algorithm
  • Graph files now supports GZ compression
  • Better Filters support in .gephi files
  • VNA Import (Thanks to Vojtech Bardiovsky)
  • Label Adjust algorithm 3 times faster
  • Saving/Loading projects is faster and use less memory

Gephi Toolkit 0.7.1963 (Oct 04 2010)

See the 0.7beta releases notes to see improvements:

  • Two new demos: ImportDynamic and DynamicMetric
  • Include DynamicAPI
  • Include DataLaboratoryAPI
  • Add NOT and MASK filter operators
  • Add GiantComponent filter
  • Add DynamicGraph graph generator
  • Add DynamicProcessor

Gephi Toolkit 0.7.1530 (Jul 13 2010)


  • The toolkit JAR file
  • The Javadoc
  • Demos files