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@kjin kjin released this Jul 2, 2018

This release makes async_hooks-based tracing the default on Node 8+. This means that code using async/await will now get traced without an environmental variable.

Other changes include:

  • New APIs
    • traceApi.getProjectId(): Returns a Promise that will resolve to the project ID, either as user-specified or retrieved via google-auth-library.
    • traceApi.getCurrentRootSpan(): Returns the currently running root span.
  • Dependency Upgrades
    • require-in-the-middle has been upgraded to v3, which picks up a fix to allow this module to work in conjunction with other APM modules that rely on this dependency.
    • @google-cloud/common has been upgraded to 0.19, which standardizes the way authentication details are managed across this and other GCP client libraries.


ffc1bf1 Add Code of Conduct
30d0529 feat: support tracing for untranspiled async/await in Node 8+ (#775)
35bd716 chore: upgrade to r-i-t-m@3 (#789)
6995e5e chore(package): update ts-node to version 7.0.0 (#785)
f7ae770 feat: add getProjectId and getCurrentRootSpan (#782)
6314199 chore: fix a few package versions (#781)
a5509e1 chore: re-enable node 10 ci and modify init-test-fixtures (#771)
3f3f667 fix: update to @google-cloud/common@0.19 (#772)
7b9e48f test: modernize test-trace-api (#767)

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