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random-cat is a amazing modul to get cat images. This Project won't be posible without the great Cat API (

Big Thanks to the great Cat API

Go and visit

alt text

Python 2 and 3 compatible


Install through pip.

$ pip install random-cat

or get from source

$ git clone
$ cd random-cat
$ python install


The cat module has just one function getCat() with three optional arguments.


directory - default is the current directory

filename - default is a unique id

format - default is png. optional png, jpg and gif is available

import cat

# cat.getCat(directory=None, filename=None, format='png')

cat.getCat(directory='/users/tor', filename='cat', format='gif')

# /users/tor/cat.gif

The function return the image name (absolute path if directory is specified) of the image.

Command Line

You can also request an image on the terminal.

$ randomcat [format] [file]

# Example:

$ randomcat gif /users/tor/cat.gif

The two arguments format and file are optional.

You can select the formats png, jpg or gif.

The command return the filename/absolute path of the image to the standard output (stdout).


The MIT License (MIT)