Saturday Morning Coffee

@iCaspar iCaspar released this May 16, 2015 · 122 commits to master since this release

User Notes for this Release:

  • Color schemes are now located in the "Colors" section of the Customizer: Appearance > Customize > Colors
  • The use of custom thumbnail sizing for various theme locations in a responsive grid system is of no use. Everything resizes dynamically. Setting of custom thumbnail sizes has been discontinued in favor of using the native WP thumbnail sizes, plus a small-square thumbnail, and a wide-screen thumbnail size that sets the thumnail ratio for the slideshow and node tapestry to a 16:9 ratio (the same ratio your wide-screen TV uses).
  • The Secondary Sidebar Widget area will appear only on 3-column layouts. Neither sidebar will appear on single-column layouts. Below-content widget areas appear only on the home page.

Power User Notes for this Release:

  • Color Schemes: You can add/modify/remove color schemes from a child theme via the new 'arras_color_schemes' filter. See notes in library/styles.php for instructions.

Change Log - Arras 3.0 Alpha-02

  • Complete removal of duplicate styles from base.css
  • Refactor color schemes
  • Add Base Color Schemes to Customizer
  • Remove Color Scheme option from Arras Options page Design Tab
  • Add new color scheme functions to style.php
  • Remove css/styles/$color.css files
  • Remove minimum logo height


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